My Bestfriends Sister

Zayn's little sister Ariana, go to a movie premiere for the guys new movie. Harry, Liam and Louis come to. Harry starts to have feelings for her after hanging out with her. What will Zayn say about his best friend dating his little sis?


1. Meeting Harry


    Zora's POV.


     ''What are you doing'' I asked my big brother Zayn while he was getting dressed in his room. ''Nothing, now go back wherever you were before you came in here'' He replied. ''You are doing something, now tell me.'' ''Fine, I am going to the movie premiere for our new reality movie.'' ''Oh. Can I come?'' ''No. No way next thing you know they will put on the front page of a magazine brotherly love.'' ''What wrong with that. Can just go please I won't try to take 1Direction pluplicty away from you.'' He sighed. ''Fine. But no brothely love. Deal?'' ''Deal.'' ''Better hurry up you have 5 minutes.'' ''KK.''

   I ran into my room and took out dresses that I never wear. I finally got to a tan dress. I curl ironed my hair. And was ready to go. I walked downstairs and Zayn was already in his car. I walked out the door of our beautiful house. I almost got my dress stuck in the door of the car I was trying to get in so fast.

  ''Finally. I was about to leave you.'' ''Shut up. And drive.'' I said taking out my cherry lipstick and putting it on. ''That should be good enough unless you want to look like a babydoll. I wanted to hit him. But I knew if I did........ Boom accident. I took 20 minutes to get there.

 ''Alright we are here'' Zayn said getting out of the car. He opened the door for me too. ''I thought you said no brotherly love?'' I got up slowly and took my purse out too. ''Well, I can't be a rude brother either.''

We walked to  the red carpet. Screaming fans everywhere. The guys took pictures with me. Harry was the last one to. He is really cute. ''Want to sit by me at the screening?'' Harry asked with his arm out. ''Sure.'' I wrapped my arm around his and we went in. I am so glad that Zayn let me come. Harry is so sweet he paid for our popcorn and drinks. While we were watching the movie he asked me something. ''Tomorrow I am taking a walk through London. And I can't go alone........ So I think you should come with me.'' ''Me? Yes.'' I layed my head on his sholder and he wrapped his arm around me.


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