My Bestfriends Sister

Zayn's little sister Ariana, go to a movie premiere for the guys new movie. Harry, Liam and Louis come to. Harry starts to have feelings for her after hanging out with her. What will Zayn say about his best friend dating his little sis?


2. Leaving



       He is so beautiful. Smart, Kind. Harry was the only think I could think about last night.

I woke up to a fresh smell of pancakes. I went to the bathroom took a shower and brushed my teeth. ''Mmmm'' I exclaimed walking in the kitchen. ''Thanks. I have been up for an hour making these things.'' ''Wow, your actually making breakfast without my help. I am sorta impressed.''

    He walked over to the oven and took out the rest of the pancakes.

  ''By the way I am going to walk around London with Harry today. So, I am going to have to take a rain check on watching classics today.'' ''What?'' ''Sorry.'' ''Fine, but it better be as friends.'' ''Yeah. It is.'' I didn't like lying but I don't think it is lying. I mean, we aren't dating, yet we hardly know each other so we aren't friends either. What are we?

  After eating breakfast I got dressed. Harry never told me what time. I thought that if he came a little early I would be on time. ''Harry is here'' Zayn yelled from downstairs.

  I ran downstairs and Harry was sitting on the couch. ''Hey,'' Harry said standing up.'' ''Ready to go?'' ''Yes.'' ''Bring her back home by six.'' Zayn yelled.

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