My Bestfriends Sister

Zayn's little sister Ariana, go to a movie premiere for the guys new movie. Harry, Liam and Louis come to. Harry starts to have feelings for her after hanging out with her. What will Zayn say about his best friend dating his little sis?


6. Don't Tell


   Our concert was great. The crowd never could stop screaming I love you.

  We all went backstage and I saw Ariana. I didn't know who she was waiting for. Me or Zayn? ''Hey Zayn,'' Ariana hugged her Zayn. ''Hey I have to go, my girlfriend and I are going to Lola's Bistro.'' ''Alright, bye''   ''Harry,'' Ariana said after everyone else left. She gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek.

  ''Woah, since when did you two start dating?'' Niall asked. ''Niall, please don't tell anyone specially Zayn.'' I pleaded with one of my arms wrapped around Ariana. ''Why shouldn't I?'' ''Because we are friends.'' It was silent for a minute. ''Fine, but you better not let me catch you again.'' He walked out and closed the door behind him.

  ''Wow, that was a bit scary.'' ''Yeah, I really hate the fact we have to hide our relationship.'' I said sitting down on a chair  beside me. ''Don't be stressed.'' Ariana sat down on my leg. ''If only you weren't Zayn's sister.'' Ariana rested her right hand on my face. Kissing me making me bring out a moan of lust. ''I am here for you, for us. I love you Harry.'' ''I love you more.'' She kissed me again. Then she went home. I didn't want her to, but she did. I was forced to go home by stage managers'.

  Even though Niall said he wouldn't tell, I was still scared. What if I accidently make Niall really mad and he ends up telling Zayn.

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