This Might Not Work Out

Chelyse Smith is a 18 year old girl that lives in England , Her dream is to become a famous singer , she went to audition one day but The Judges were rude.. they didnt exept.. She then tried the next year and now was 19 years old, she met this boy named , Zayn Malik they switched there hellos and got eachothers number.. sad enough they didnt exept her this year either.. but zayn did , Zayn Becomes One Of The Members in One Direction... Zayn Calls Her one Night to pack .. So She can meet his group members, Liam,Harry,Louis,niall,..
Her Family Left Her Abandoned sinse she was 14.. but luckily enough she new what to do.. Chelyse and zayn are best Friends! but Chelyse maybe likes him more, Does Zayn like her back?, is there another members that likes chelyse?
Will they ever date, or will something terrible happen that changes there life forever? , go find out by reading This story.. go on i wont hold you any longer!!
Go Gooo ,, in the youtube link i also put a song that goes with the


3. Just Hated <3 chapter ♣tres♣

Chelyse POV

Im Confused i said as i was now away from him.. he stepped closer to me trying to grab my waist but i pushed myself back now hitting the wall behind me... he started kissing my neck roughly.. Zayn!! i said trying to push him away but i was to weak ( will he dare rape me!!)

Zayn!! i said again trying with all my force to push him off me.. he just wouldnt budge "i want you, only you" he said going no lower onto my body (i was still a virgen)..

Zayn!.. Do you really dare doing this to me?" i said still trying to pull him off but coased him to use more force against me..he started to get lower.. i couldnt stop him he was too strong.. please zayn stop it!!

(it was a hella bad of an idea to be in underwear in front of him)

he grabbed me by my thighs picking me up i quickly did i weird move and i pushed my self backward until i reached the floor with my hands .. i got out of his grip and quickly crawled away then getting up to run to the door.. (i didnt remember what i was wearing), i ran downstairs and the boys just stared at me i heard zayn walking across the hall upstairs and i quickly ran behind harry which was standing at the edge of the kitchen door.. The boys were all shocked , harry just turned around and i just looked up flushing.. i quickly looked down.. whats wrong babe? he said picking my face up he then heard zayn " Chelyse i give you 5 seconds to come to me".. i hid deeper behind harry, he looked at me then he turned around.. : whats up mate?... harry asked zayn .. zayn walked to harry and grabbed my arm from behind him.. i quickly jumped letting out a quick scream everyone had there eyes on us..he pulled me away from harry but i quickly grabbed harry's arm .. harry grabbed zayns grip off my arm .. then out of know where the door opened we all looked at the door open..

in came in a girl.. i believe her name is val?"um did i come at a bad time she said looking around the room..harry pulled my arm now bringing me upstairs to my room he closed the door behind him.. "what happened in here..?.... and out there!!" he said questinly ..

weeeeellll.. me,zayn,mad,perfume,boom,help me,helped,wants me,push away,forces,almost rape,runs away,downstairs,behind you,zayn mad,.... i said he just staired at me.."ill just get dressed now i said geting my clothes and putting it on.. harry sighed and walked out the door.. i was done i walked down stairs and there were already like 15 people i had no idea who they were..i walked to the kitchen and saw zayn i quickly turned around and headed to the living room .. i then felt some hands on my hips ..i turned around to see harry he had his hands on my hips and pushed me a little so he can go through the people also..i felt awkard after everything that happened..


hello!! im sorry this chapter is short but i might update today or tomorrow when i get home from school!!.. thanks for reading it do me a favor and like  also favorite it if you think its good.. also comment what u think!! love <3 Zayn_ma_babe

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