This Might Not Work Out

Chelyse Smith is a 18 year old girl that lives in England , Her dream is to become a famous singer , she went to audition one day but The Judges were rude.. they didnt exept.. She then tried the next year and now was 19 years old, she met this boy named , Zayn Malik they switched there hellos and got eachothers number.. sad enough they didnt exept her this year either.. but zayn did , Zayn Becomes One Of The Members in One Direction... Zayn Calls Her one Night to pack .. So She can meet his group members, Liam,Harry,Louis,niall,..
Her Family Left Her Abandoned sinse she was 14.. but luckily enough she new what to do.. Chelyse and zayn are best Friends! but Chelyse maybe likes him more, Does Zayn like her back?, is there another members that likes chelyse?
Will they ever date, or will something terrible happen that changes there life forever? , go find out by reading This story.. go on i wont hold you any longer!!
Go Gooo ,, in the youtube link i also put a song that goes with the


1. just best friends <3 chapter 0n3

i woke up to a girly strong perfume scent... i stretched all the way my feet looking like pieces of wood.. i opened my eyes and looked around the room no one was there, i decided to get up from the bed and get my towel so i can brush my teeth and take a shower, i got in the shower and i heard my house phone ring i turned off the sink and walked to my room i went to grab the phone and it stopped ringing, uhg ill call who ever it is later , i walked back to the bathroom and brushed my teeth , i stripped my clothes off and jumped into the shower 15 minutes later i wrapped myself in the towel and walked to my room, i went to my drawers and i picked my clothes out .. it was nice and simple , i sprayed my one moment perfume and got my purse and keys, i walked to starbucks which was a block away, my phone rang and i picked it up, "zayn <3" it said on the screen, i quickly picked it up : ****Beggening of Convo**** "hey?" i asked with a confused voice zayn: Hey Chelyse just wondering if i can pick you up to go to the boys party they are having tonight me: Umm Sure What time? Zayn: right now! (he sounded exited in the other line) me:(almost spilled starbucks coffee on myself) Now? but i need to get my clothes, and im a block away from home,i just got my starbucks. Zayn: whitch starbucks im near one right now? Me:Your already here!! what if i said no? Zayn:i would Still Make You come..which Starbucks? Me:The One Infront of the palace theater where it seems they are filming a movie from all the yellow strips and cameras and flying and that shit.. Zayn: i think i see you, are you wearing a brown tank top looking shirt? Me:(looks down) yeah its flowy, where are you at? Zayn: Im passing in front of you now, see my car? Me:(looks around) YUP, See me waveing? Zayn:yup me: okay im gonna cross the street (hangs up the phone and walks to the car) ****END OF CONVO**** i open the door and quickly get int he car,i sigh a big sigh, He looks at me.. is something wrong he asks looking back at the rode.. no nothing, are you gonna bring me to my house to get clothes?i ask curiously Nope, we are going to the mall to buy you your outfit!,, he said still looking at the streets The Mall?? But Why I HAve ClotHes I can use!! .. i said confused.. its okay, i wanna buy it!! he said now looking at me Fine but what should i wear is it gonna be a simple party or a dressy one? i asked umm ,, i think you should wear a dress.. he said and squeezed my thigh.. i blushed and quickly looked out the window, he left it there, i let him leave it there.. we reached at the mall and he opened my passenger door and grabbed my hand.. i smiled and walked to the mall still holding hands with him.. we reached to forever 21 and i let go of his hand, he just stayed there standing i turned around and looked at him he was pouting, come on i said while i grabbed his hand and pulled him, hey how about this one he said pointing to a dress ....?? i looked at the dress he was pointing at .. that one?? are you sure i asked looking at him.. isnt that OVerrr Dresssed? i mean we always end up watching movies or something, i said looking at him while still holding his hand.. your right but you can buy another set to change in.. he said looking around for more clothes.. noo ill just get something nice and simple that i can move and dance in !! i said looking around too i turned and looked at him he was already looking at me.. you will dance with me right? he said really concerned in his face.. Of Course zayn... Why Wouldnt i? i said smileing to him and then i hugged him and it took him a couple of second to hug back.. i let go of him and smiled then i walked away letting go of his hand.. he quickly chased after me and grabbed my hand again.. i think i saw something you can wear he said not looking at me.. i looked at him..where? i asked him.. come he pulled me along bringing me tourds the clothes.. this one he said pointing to it ... ... i actually like it.. lets get it!! i say clapping my hands and running tourds it so i can get it off the high rack..i went to grabb it but i was too short.. i frowned and looked at zayn.. he was all ready walking this way.. he stretched his hand and got it for me ,, he gave it to me and i ran yourds the cash register so i ca pay it ... i gave it to the lady at the cagregister, i quickly took out my wallet,, that would be 30.92$ mam.. i went to get the money when i then heard the lady say thank have a good day i looked at her and she gave me the bag i look at zayn whitch had a smirk on his face,... Zaynn!!! i said stomping my feet to the ground.. dont do that .. he said looking at me very vunerable... i walked pass him dragging my feet and looking down with my arms crost in front of me.. i felt hand on my waist and he quickly kissed my cheek.. not even a thank you.. he said now kissing my cheek multible times.. i felt useless .. my knees were about to fall to the ground.. i turned around and looked at him... he still had his hands on my waist......

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