This Might Not Work Out

Chelyse Smith is a 18 year old girl that lives in England , Her dream is to become a famous singer , she went to audition one day but The Judges were rude.. they didnt exept.. She then tried the next year and now was 19 years old, she met this boy named , Zayn Malik they switched there hellos and got eachothers number.. sad enough they didnt exept her this year either.. but zayn did , Zayn Becomes One Of The Members in One Direction... Zayn Calls Her one Night to pack .. So She can meet his group members, Liam,Harry,Louis,niall,..
Her Family Left Her Abandoned sinse she was 14.. but luckily enough she new what to do.. Chelyse and zayn are best Friends! but Chelyse maybe likes him more, Does Zayn like her back?, is there another members that likes chelyse?
Will they ever date, or will something terrible happen that changes there life forever? , go find out by reading This story.. go on i wont hold you any longer!!
Go Gooo ,, in the youtube link i also put a song that goes with the


2. I'm Confused <3 chapter ♥two♥

Chelyse's Pov

He still had his hands on my waist.. i looked down and then up with a pouty face.. thank you i said really low but he could still hear it then i looked back down trying not to laugh..(this was funny)..

he grabbed my face and made me look at him ,his eyes were shiny.. i got lost in them are you mad? sad? Happy? 

Noo..Im thankful! i said as i got on my tipie toes and went to kiss his cheek.. at first he pushed me a lil closer i wonder if he was thinking differently of my actions , i kissed his cheek and i got back on my normal feet... i smiled at him and he gave me a weak smile.. i looked at him confused but let it go..

Zayn's Pov

i saw as she got on her tipie toes and got closer and closer to my face by the mila second , i didnt know what to do i just pulled her closer to me, i looked at her , her eyes were closed and she had her lips puckered then i relized when i felt her lips on my cheek...i was thinking very differently of what she was doing.. she smiled at me i just smiled i was to embarressed ... hopefully she didnt notice.

Chelyse POV

We got out of the mall and into zayns car, he was being silent.. i ignored it and looked out the window..we arrived at louis place he turned off the car and got out i grabbed my bags that were in the back seat, i looked around "where did zayn go?'' i shrugged and opened the car door i walked to the house door and was about to knock ..

"Why would you not wait for her!?" i heard louis as he opened the door , he looked at me , i just smiled awkwardly he smiled back and grabbed my bags, he held the door for me as i stepped in , next thing i know i was almost slammed to the wall when niall ran to hug me.

i let out a little scream.. before i hit the wall he hugged so hard i didnt reach it .. niall all the boys said but zayn.. he just pulled niall off of me.. i was smiling about to crack up... but i didnt that would of been awkward...Zayn had serious face on let the poor girl breath will ya.. he said niall just looked at him confused and walked away..i looked at zayn double the confused .." im fine thank you zayn" i said then going to the others to give them a hug.. they all tackled me to the floor i was laughing..they finally got off of me and i was now sitting on floor with my hands behind me and one knee up..i started to laugh again i took my hand and covered my mouth from laughing..they just looked at me started laughing too.. i looked for Zayn and he was sitting at the staircase.."Whats wrong with him" i said to the boys.. i dont know? the boys all answerd they all looked at him,  he looked up from his phone, "what"? he said really rude.. mostly looking at me i just turned around and ignored him, i looked at them and they all shrugged ,, i smiled when does the party start? i asked sweetly maybe to sweetly..

um at 7:00pm its now 5:12 wanna help decorate..i ll sure need the help louis said looking around the huge place..(i wonder what was going on with zayn?).. Sure!! i said smiling, what is your theme?.... just a normal party ,, i wanted to make some sweets for the people to much on and then eat food? he said.. Do you know how to cook? he asked me..

Me!? Oh YEah... Im Awesome At it!! i said clapping my hands when i then heard a noise like sucking teeth, i turned around and zayn was now laying back at the stairs and looking up to the ceiling?.. Is There Something wrong With that ceiling there?.. i said kind of rudely, he just looked at me "nope"... i just looked at him and rolled my eyes he was being such a dork..

1 hour later

well im gonna go change,i took a shower before coming so im good.. i said while i got up and grabbed my bags going to the guest bedroom..

i took my shirt off and my pants leaving my panties and bra on, i was skinny but a good skinnt not boney either i was very healthy... i then heard a knock on the door, who is it? i asked .. "me" i heard zayn say..

come in .. i said as i started to take my clothes out the bags .. me and zayn are best friends and we always do stuff together .. not nasty or anything but we always do fun stuff like shopping or paiting or all creative stuff.. but i really didnt mind him seeing me with just a bra and panty (*the bra is red and laisy and so was the panty..*)

He opened the door and i heard him swallow hard.. he just closed the door behind him and sat on the bed.. eye felt his eyes burn through my body.. "What do you want?" i said looking at him he finally looked at my eyes he just swallowed wanting to speak but the words just didnt come out.. uhh.. was all he said..i just sighed i turned around and placed my perfume that louis always left in the room for me.. i thought i placed it right but then as i turned around i heard it fall behind mei heard the glass shatter.. i quickly turned around and saw the perfume shredded into pieces .. i just sighed  and bent down to pick up the glass.. i just felt zayn staring at me .. i was starting to get mad..

Zayn.. Can you stop staring at me and help me i said sitting on my knees my but almost touching the floor.. he just looked at my eyes and got up from the bed.. i stared at him as he walked to where i was.. he grabbed my arm and stood me up .. he just left the room and came back in seconds he came with paper towels he cleaned all of it.. "thank you" i said as i went and grabbed the bags of clothes and place them on the bed .. he just closed the door and locked it.. i looked at him and my heart started to beat faster and faster as he got closer to me..

he put his hand on my lower back and pushed me closer to him .. zayn? i said as i just looked at him a little confused but my heart still pumping..why? was all he said.. i just looked at him.. why what? i asked him confused but still liking the space between us his clothes rubbing against me.. he lowered his face to my ear.. "why cant you be mine?" he said now starting to kiss my neck and up my jaw line..i looked to the floor and i was feeling weak again.. just like at the mall when he kind of did the same thing.. he took my face in his other hand and slamed his lips against mine.. at the beginning i was shocked but then i kissed back.. he started to move his hand up and down on my back.. i pushed away from him and stood feet away from him..

"Im Confused" i said......

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