My Diary

So, this is a book about my life so far. It is a collection of my stories in real life put together. I hope you enjoy it, and you will all wonder how I am still sane after it all.


4. Opera

So a week ago, I was in choir singing as a soprano. I'm no singer, but apparently my music teacher really likes my voice so he put me next to two music scholars, and the sixth form music captain!!

We were all singing, but the four of us at the back sang loudest. We were singing 'The colours of Christmas' and we were about to get to a REALLY HIGH note. We then sang it, but my voice cracked! It sounded really awful, and because I sang so loudly, everyone turned around and laughed at me. We then had to start all over again because of me. The music teacher covered his ears because it was that devastating. It was so embarrassing!


I honestly don't think I should EVER pursue a career in opera....

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