My Diary

So, this is a book about my life so far. It is a collection of my stories in real life put together. I hope you enjoy it, and you will all wonder how I am still sane after it all.


3. Idiotic Proposals

So here is the chapter of my life so far that is dedicated to proposals for me. :S


First Proposal - When I was 6 years old

There were 4 geeks who all really liked me that were in my year group. So they sang a song that was terribly out of tune asking me to marry ALL of them. I was only 6 years old so I got very confused. I started crying and ran away. They chased me round the playground and I hid in the girl's toilets for half an hour. I got my friends to comfort me, one of them even kicked them all in the leg. :)


Second Proposal - When I was 11 years old

As if the first one wasn't traumatic enough?! I had to put up with another one. This time it was... THE SCHOOL BULLY. He had a soft spot for me since nursery. So yeah...

One day I was walking to the field to play football with my friends and then he came up to me. He put his arm round me and said "I hear you're voted to be Brit's Next Top Model? Eh?"

He said that because there was a survey. Everyone in the year had to vote who would be what in the future. E.G: Most likely to be famous, Most likely to be a billionaire etc.

There was one that was : Most likely to be Brit's Next Top Model

I got it!

So then he said "Want to go out with me on a date? We could go KFC or maybe go down low with a Subway?" he said.

"In your dreams!" I replied.

"Ok. Sorry about that, it seems a bit too much." 

He then steals a daisy-chain ring from a group of girls and gets down on one knee. 

In front of my friends he says "Will you marry me?"

I look horrified. But then I pretend to have a look of interest.

I say"Hmm, let me think about it. Uh... HELL NO!" And I kick him in the shins.

He the chases me around the 400m relay track and I run into the girl's toilets. (Just like when I was 6 years old!)

I eventually come out and as a distraction this boy tells really random jokes. But I see the school bully from the corner of my eye, hiding behind a wall.

I shout "Move it fatso!" and I dart straight ahead. 

Then the school bully gives up and I get my piece of mind. Until he then immediately goes up to a friend of mine and looks up her skirt. :/


SO, hopefully one day I will actually have a PROPER proposal from someone I actually love and if I say no, they won't chase me! *crosses fingers*

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