Somewhere Only We Know

Calum Hood and Bree Cook have been arch enemies since they were born. It doesn't help that they're next door neighbors either. But what happens when Calum's parents go away for two weeks and Calum has to stay with Bree's family? Will Bree and Calum fall for eachother?


3. "I think I like Calum."

   Bree's POV.

   I was done getting dressed for the party so I sat on the couch waiting for Calum. Gosh he took so long to get dressed. I decided to wear high wasted shorts, a blue crop top, and black vans. 

   I texted Ash while I was waiting. 

   me: going to the party

   ash: yeh with Lena ;) didnt think youd go cause you need a date

   me: yeah im going with Calum he asked so...yeah

   ash: cool so Lena and I will see you guys der

  me: yuh

  "Hey, you ready?" Calum said, walking into the living room. 

   "I've been ready, you take so long to get ready." I stood up, looking at the ground. I met Calum, looking up in shock. He was wearing black skinny jeans, black vans, and a grey muscle shirt with a winky face on it. His hair was in a perfect quiff. He looked adorable. 

   "What?" He said, seeing my face in shock.

   "Nothing, nothing. You look, nice." I smiled. 

   'Shall we go then?" He held out his hand. I hesitated to grab it, but did, and we walked out of the car. I don't know what this 'relationship' between us is, but I think I like it. I think I like Calum.

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