Somewhere Only We Know

Calum Hood and Bree Cook have been arch enemies since they were born. It doesn't help that they're next door neighbors either. But what happens when Calum's parents go away for two weeks and Calum has to stay with Bree's family? Will Bree and Calum fall for eachother?


2. "....and I don't have a date."

   Bree's POV. 

   Saturday afternoon and Calum's parents had left to go to England. I was stuck in between Calum and my brother Michael on the couch as they played video games. They got along very well, but they argued most of the time they were together.

   "Come on! What are you doing?!" Michael yelled at the TV screen. 

   "Go in the cabin Michael." Calum said to him calmly. 

   "No, mate, we have to go into the cave." Michael snapped back. 





   "Who cares?!" I yelled to stop the fight, since they were doing it on each side of me. They both looked at me awkwardly. "Okayyyy." I said awkwardly getting up off the couch.

   "Where ya going?" Michael asked, not taking his eyes off the screen. 

   "My room. Have fun losers." I ran upstairs.

   I got into my room and closed the door. Then I sat by my computer and turned on oovoo.

   "Pick up Ashton." I said to myself as I video called him. 

   "Hey." Ashton answered whispering. 

   "Uhm, hi. Why are you whispering?" I asked, laughing a little. Ashton is my best friend. He has been since birth. We were born on the same day in the same room. I was born at 9:05 pm and he was at 9:06 pm. Our moms bonded when they were in the room and then realized that we actually lived two houses away. Pretty funny how life works out. 

   "Uhm I'm in the middle of something." He whispered again. 

   "Ashton!" a girls voice screamed. The voice was unfamiliar. Not his mom. Then a tall blonde girl in one of Ashton's shirts appeared on screen. "What are you doing babe?" she bent down and whispered in his ear. Ashton's cheeks got all red.

   "I'll be there in a minute babe." He kissed her cheek and she walked out. 

   "Who's theis time?" I put emphasis on 'this time'. Every time I was with or saw Ashton he was with a new girl. He's such a ladies man. I couldn't blame the girls, I mean with those big eyes, deep dimples, and curly hair, who wouldn't? 

   "Lena Gonzalez." 

   "Ah, so your busy with another gitl I see. Call me back later." I laughed. 

   "Hey, looks like I'm not the only one." He nodded towards something behind me. I turned around and Calum was on my bed. "Is that Calum Hood I see? Breena Louise Cook, are you getting some with your arch enemy?" He smiled. I heard Calum laugh from behind me. 

   "Go finish f-" I stopped as Michael walked in. If he heard the rest of that sentence he'd tell my mom in a heartbeat. Anything to get me in trouble. "Frugging with Lena." I played it off. Ashton laughed a little.

   "Okay, I'll call you later. Bye." He exited the chat. I turned my chair around.

   "Why are you two in my room?" I raised an eyebrow at them. 

   "I was coming up to ask you something. Don't know what he's doing." Calum looked at Michael. 

   "I was looking for Calum." Michael said innocently. 

   "Michael get out." I pointed towards the door. Michael pouted and walked towards the door. 

   "Don't do the dirty with my sister or I'll kill." Michael glared at Calum then shut the door. I shook my head in disgust of what Michael just said.

   "What'd you wanna ask me?" I looked at Calum fiddling with his fingers.

   "Uhm, so are you going to Luke's party tonight?" He asked. 

   "I mean, I was invited but I don't know. Luke's parties always require a date, and I don't have a date." I looked at the floor. 

   "That's the thing." my head snapped up at his words. Was he going to ask me out? Ew. I hope not. "Can uh, you get Ashton to hook me up with Lena?" I looked at him with disappointment and relieve. 

   "Why Lena? Is she the only girl you haven't gotten some from?" I smirked. 

   "No, no the only person I haven't gotten some from yet is you." He smirked. 

   "Good, keep it that way." I crossed my arms.

   "Speaking of getting some," he shuffled on my bed to position himself, "have you ever?" He raised his eyebrows. Why was he asking? Why'd he care? 

   "Uhm, why do you care?" 

   "So you haven't?"

   "Actually, I have." I looked at the floor. I wasn't lying. I really did. 

   "With who?" he popped up in his seat. 

   "A-ashton.." my word trailed off a bit. 

   "No way!" he smiled. 

   "Yeah." I grinned. 

   "But you guys are like brother and sister. How can someone be so close and do that without it being awkward afterwards?" He was so interested. 

   "Well, I don't know. We did it..a year ago. Things went back to normal afterwards."

   "So, why'd you guys do it?" He sat back resting on his elbows. 

   "We uhm...we were bored. That's all." Now I was lying. We actually did it because we were at Luke's party and played a dumb game. Whoever won the game had to do "it" with me, since I was the only girl there. I felt so used, but I'm glad Ashton won. 

   "Are you bored now?" He raised his eyebrows. Was that his way of asking to get some with me? 

   "No." I snapped. "Look it was a one time thing. I mean Ashton is Ashton. He hooks up with everyone. More girls than you have. Not only has he hooked up with all the girls in school, like you, he's hooked up with me, which is already one more than you, and two girls when we were on that class trip in America. So that's three more." I explained. He smiled like he was impressed. 

   "Wow. So Ashton is quite the ladies man." He laughed. I laughed a little too. 

   "Yeah, he is." I turned around looking at a picture of Ashton and I that I had on my desk. All of a sudden, I felt cold hands touch my arm. I turned around and looked up only to see Calum. What was he doing? 

   "Look Bree." he reached down for my hand and pulled me out of my chair. "I have a confession." He cupped my chin and tilted my head towards him. Our eyes locked. His beautiful brown eyes starred down at me. Then he flicked his eyes down, looking at my lips. I wanted to say something, but couldn't. 

   Calum leaned his head down and placed a kiss on my lips. For some reason, I had kissed him back. It felt right at the moment. He poked his tongue through my lips, kissing more intensely. What is this? Was Ashton right? Was I about to do "it" with my arch enemy? 

   "Calum." I said, pushing him away.

   "Yeah?" He said wih disappointment in his voice. 

   "What are we doing?" I asked. He looked around. 

   "I don't know, but," he kissed my lips again, "I like it." He kissed me intensely again. 

   "Calum?" I stopped him again. 

   "Yeah?" He asked again.

   "Why are you doing this?" He stopped. 

   "I don't know." He said, his voice shaky. 

   "Have you completely forgotten that we hate each other or...?" my words trailed off.

   "I don't hate you." He said, then kissed me again.

   "But, then, why have you been acting like it for the ast 17 years?" 

   "Because I was nervous. You were mean to me, so being mean to you was the only thing I could throw back." Calum whispered, rubbing my back. 

   "Well, I don't hate you." I looked down at the floor. 

   "You don't?" He released me and sat on my bed. 

   "No, I actually really like you. You just seemed so mean to me that being mean to you was all I could do." He was about to say something.

   "The truth is...I just pretend you're Lena all the time." He smiled jokingly.

   "You're and idiot." I laughed, sitting next to him. He tickled me until I laughed uncontrollably.

   "Stop it! Stop it!" I laughed.

   "Okay, okay." He stopped. We started cracking up.

   'Speaking of Lena." I took my phone from under my pillow and looked at my texts. They were all from Ashton. I typed into my phone saying...

   sorry I couldn't get back to you, I was busy. By the way, you done with Lena? Calum wants her lol

  And pressed send.

   "What about her?"

   "I just got her for you."

   "You did?"

   "Well not yet. I asked Ashton though." I looked at the time. "Anyway, you better get ready for that party." I got off my bed, he followed. I opened the door. 

   "So should you."

    "But, Calum I'm not-" he took my hand.

    "I want you to come with me."

   "What about Lena?" I asked.

   "I want you to be my date." He poked my stomach.

   "Okay, I'll go with you." I poked him back. "Now go get dressed." I pushed him out. He turned around and winked at me, then went into the room he was staying in. Wet=re we like friends now?   

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