Adopted by Niall Horan

Katy is an orphan since she was about she can remember. She was left on the door step of the orphanage. She is always quiet, shy, and always sticks to herself. She also bullied at school and at the orphanage. Someone special comes to adopt a child. Will it be her?


16. We need a doctor

Louis's P.O.V.

We went to the concert and performed a lot of songs that the fans loved. At the end of the concert we showed a big picture of Katy and they started to cheer. I smiled and looked at Niall. He was smiling ear to ear. I laughed and then we left.

When we got on the bus, Katy was laying on the couch looking miserable. I wish I could do something to help her. After I changed into different clothes and put my hoodie on and sunglasses, I went out and bought Katy some ice cream and some more ginger ale. It might not help but should brighten her mood. I walked into the bus and put the stuff I bought in the mini fridge. She can have it later. I thought I might go check on Katy. I was looking for Katy. I saw her and her eyes were pure white. Oh my gosh. I screamed and she lay there, almost lifeless. I pressed a shakily hand to her neck and tried to feel for a pulse. I felt one. It was like mine, regular. I need to get her to a hospital. I called Paul.

" Hey Paul. Bring the car and quick. Hurry!!" I said.

" Wait what. Slow down Louis." he said.

" No get here as fast as you can" I said tough and hung up. I told the bus driver to stop and he did. I picked Katy up and brought her outside to wait for Paul with the car. He got here like 10 minutes later and I sat in the passenger seat with Katy. She still still and her eyes were still pure white. I explained everything to Paul and he drove as fast as he could. We got to the hospital and I ran inside carrying Katy. The nurse saw me and was frantic. Then she saw Katy. She freaked but calmed down. Paul ran in after me. Her and some other nurse and a doctor carried her away to a room. I starte doo cry and worry. Paul tried to calm me down, but it didn't work. What is going to happen?


Hey I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. Lots of action. Bye- Nialls peaches

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