Adopted by Niall Horan

Katy is an orphan since she was about she can remember. She was left on the door step of the orphanage. She is always quiet, shy, and always sticks to herself. She also bullied at school and at the orphanage. Someone special comes to adopt a child. Will it be her?


21. Vampire?

I wake up and get out of my nice,pink,fluffy,warm bed. I groan and get up. I go into the bathroom,turn the hot water ,pick some clothes out, then undress, and hop in the warm shower. It wakes me up. I start to hum and soon I'm done. I get out and dress in some jeans, a dark pink t-shirt with a black tank top underneath. I put my hair up and headed down. I saw Zayn down there watching tv. Why is he up?

" Hey. Why are you up?" I asked.

" We are leaving the house at 7:30 to have our super fun day." 

" Ok. Yay!!" I smiled. Then Zayn started to restle me. I saw his hair was in its usual quiff so I decided to mess it up. I got away from him and got some brushes and scissors. I wasn't going to cut a big piece of his hair off. I decided it needed to be more intense. I grabbed Niall,Louis,Liam, and Harry and I told them. They were going to be tied to a chair and pretended to have their hair cut and stuff. Yay! We got ready and Liam cut the power off. Zayn groaned and went to look for Liam to turn the power on. I chuckled and I kept my head down. Louis turned the light on me and I stood there.

" Katy, what did you do?" he asked not scared. I stood there and just chuckled.

" Why don't you ask them" I said and turned around and lifted my head up. I put the spotlights on the boys. They were tied to chairs and they pretended to be dead. I wasn't going to mess his hair up anymore. We were pretending that I was a vampire and I drank their blood. I know. Im evil. I showed him the boys and we put fake blood on them. We also put the bite marks on their necks. 

" Katy what the heck did you do!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed. Ow. I chuckled and he turned around. He was scared now. I licked my lips wiping the fake blood. I had fake blood on my clothes. I took my pink shirt and put rips in it. It was old and small anyway.  I smiled evily.

" They were good to start with but I'm hungry for 5" I said evily," I saved another seat just for you Zayn. You can join them" he screamed. Ow.

" What the crap is wrong with you!!!!!!!!" he screamed louder. Good thing we don't have neighbors close by.

" Nothing. I'm just hungry." I said. I showed my fake fangs and we had lights shine in my eyes to make them look red.

" Go away." he said. Thank you for not screaming. Heheh. Now he will be scared.

" Fine. We can do this easily or my way." I said smiling. He screamed. That's the boys cue. They got up with their eyes closed. They started to walk. They stopped behind me.

" Say hi to my friends Uncle Zayn." I said.he walked back and bumped into the chair. They walked over and tied him up. I nodded and showed my fangs. I put my lips over his neck and just stopped at a spot. This is fun! I opened my mouth and put my fangs on his neck. He closed his eyes and took his last breath. Ok. That's enough. I backed up and Liam turned the power on. We fell to the floor laughing. God. He was really confused.

" What happened" he asked clearly confused.

" I was pretending to be a vampire and I pretended to drink their blood and you were next. Liam cut the power off." I said laughing.

" You scream like a little girl Zayn" Harry said. I got redressed and redid my hair and so did the boys. Zayn had p fix his hair. Of course. Well met downstairs and we left for our super fun day. A super fun start to a super fun day. Perfect.

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