Adopted by Niall Horan

Katy is an orphan since she was about she can remember. She was left on the door step of the orphanage. She is always quiet, shy, and always sticks to herself. She also bullied at school and at the orphanage. Someone special comes to adopt a child. Will it be her?


40. Torture

When I wake up, I'm in a dark, windowless, cold, smelling room. I looks around. I figured that I'm tied up and sitting on the floor. I hear rustling in the distance. I can't see who it is though. I don't think that they know I'm in here. I keep quiet, well I'm forced to be. I have duct tape on my mouth. I hear footsteps downstairs. Pat pat patThat's what it sounds like. I mentally sigh. I never wanted this. My life. It's so unlucky. No good times. Just twists, turns, loops, circles. Ups and downs. Never ending. I soon fall asleep again.

I wake to a cold room with no windows. There's a little bit of light coming through the bottom of the door. Well, I now know there's a door. Someone comes in. He looks drunk. He sits at a really old table. He drinks his beer. Ew. I make a face. He comes over and kicks me. Hard.  Imabout to scream but he shoves a cloth in my mouth. And I'm out, again.

I wake, for the third time. This time, I'm in like this cell. Uh oh. I'm still tied up and my mouth is covered. I mentally sigh again. Someone walks in, but they aren't drunk. Oh great. He comes over, opens the door, and pulls me by my hair. He drags me to the room that I first woke up in. There's a bed with blood on it. Oh no. This can't be good. I start to struggle. He slaps me across the face. I whimper." Shut up and be a good girl" he says. I still whimper super quiet. He throws, literally throws, me on the bed. He rips the duct tape off." I said I would punish you" he said cruely. " Stay here. I'm going to get your partner in this" amd leaves. I'm so scared. I start to shake with fear. He comes back and shoves my 'partner' in the room. He's not tied up. He stands there awkwardly. He steps a little closer and I shrivel into a tiny little ball. He walks closer and sits down next to me. He undoes my hands ad feet."I won't. You can trust me in this place" he whispers. I just watch his hands do their job. I look at him. He has dirty blonde hair, dark brown eyes, he's a little taller than me, and he has the kind of face ad features every girl wants.

He starts to stroke my hair."I have to act like this, or u and I get punished" he whispers. He kisses my cheek. I shiver. Not joy. Fear. I'm so scared and frightened. I want to back to living with the boys and girls. I want to be in my nice big bed feeling safe and loved."my name is Austin" he whispers nicely." I'm Katy" I whisper back. He nodes sweetly. I rest my head on my shoulder. Well, sorta.  He just sits there awkward. I hear stomping. He co se back in. He pulls me by my hair. Austin gets up and heads over to the guy. He tries to punch him, but then ( Let's call him bob) bob pulls a gun out. 

He puts me in another room with a bed, but this doesn't have blood. Still. I cry. Austin isn't dead. That's one weight off my shoulders. I'm crying my heart out. He comes back. But not with Austin. With somebody else. I don't know him. He looks like the guy from my dream. He comes over to me and hugs me."I'm Jacob. I'm your brother" he says. Brother? I don't have a brother." I don't have a brother" I say. He looks disappointed." You do. You were to young to remember. Dad got custody over me. Mom got you. Mom sent you to an orphanage. You got adopted" he says while hugging. A brother. Brother. That feels nice.

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