Adopted by Niall Horan

Katy is an orphan since she was about she can remember. She was left on the door step of the orphanage. She is always quiet, shy, and always sticks to herself. She also bullied at school and at the orphanage. Someone special comes to adopt a child. Will it be her?


22. Super fun

First we went bowling. Harry won. I came in second. Harry would not stop bragging. Second up on our list: roller skating. Fun! There was a race and I went in it. It was so much fun. Louis and Harry joined me. Louis cheated so of course he won. I guess Liam asked the person if we could just do it cause it was just Louis,Harry and me. I won that round. We had to go around the cones 5 times. Not a lot of people were there so no girls. But then a bunch of girls walked in. Uh oh. They saw the boys and started to freak. They kept skating past us. I don't think they saw me.

After skating for a while, we got hungry so we went to the mini snack bar. I got a soda and chips. Yummy! As I was walking to throw my garbage away one of the girls tripped me. Dang it.i saw them snickering and they went over to the boys. I decided I would watch how this went. As I was watching, Louis kissed the top of one of their heads. Ok, weird. So did Harry and Liam. W- what? Then Niall hugged and kissed the top of her head. Ouch. I started to cry. Zayn looked uncomfortable and he saw me. He calmed me down. We left and I sat there in silence listening to my music. Ugh. Harry took my music. 

" Next we are doing what you want" he said. Cool. Hmmm. It has to be fun. Umm. 

" Are their any carnivals?" I asked hoping there is.

" Yea, think so" Harry said.

" Then that's what I want to do" 

" Ok let's go to the carnival" he yelled. I chuckled and grabbed my music back.

We got there and it wasn't really crowded. Just like maybe 30 people. It was a big carnival. Niall saw a food eating contest and signed up. Harry and Louis went off somewhere and me and Liam went to some games. Zayn was glued to his phone. He had a frown on his face. Weird. Me and Liam did a ring toss and I won! I won a little blue horse. Cute. Liam lost. Next we saw a roller coaster and of course we went on it. Half was in the dark, half wasnt. It was really fast and long. I caught a glimpse of Niall talking to a girl. Zayn was standing next to Niall not listening. Still on his phone. Then it plunged into darkness. Things popped out and it slowed down on this part. I clung to Liam. Then it sped up. So much fun!

We left the carnival and I saw Harry and Louis won some prizes. They each had 3. We went to meet the girls and have lunch. I'm so scared. Harry said theirs names are Sophia,Eloaner, and Perrie. ( Sorry don't know how to spell Eloaner ) we met them at some london restaurant I didnt know. We saw them and walked over. They were really nice. They seemed to really like me. Great. We went to laser tag next and Perrie had to go somewhere. So there is 8 of us.  It was me,Louis,Harry, and sophia. The other team was Niall, Zayn,Liam, and Eloaner. Lovebirds are against each other. There is 2 stories so this should be easy to hide. I went upstairs with Harry, and Louis and Sophia crouched down and stayed downstairs. They were going to shoot the people who were looking for us.  The guy said one team had to seek the other has to hide. We were hiding. We went to our spots and waited. Harry went on one side I was on the other. I saw Niall through the floor boards. I had to hit him 3 times to get out. I dangled over the side keeping my feet on the railing and I shot him. 3 times in the back. Boom. He growled and I chuckled quietly. 1 down 3 to go. I heard more buzzers and I saw Sophia was out. Ok. We are even. I saw Liam and Zayn so I shot them one by one. Boom,boom,boom,boom,boom,boom. 3 down 1 to go. I saw Harry got out. Ok. It's Eloaner. I saw Louis and looked like he was going to show no mercy. I thought good. I saw Eloaner and I got her. I laughed and the buzzer went off signaling we won.yippee! We left and headed off to our next event. But the boys wouldn't tell me. They blindfolded me. Well I guess I have to wait.

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