Adopted by Niall Horan

Katy is an orphan since she was about she can remember. She was left on the door step of the orphanage. She is always quiet, shy, and always sticks to herself. She also bullied at school and at the orphanage. Someone special comes to adopt a child. Will it be her?


1. Katy

Hi. I'm Katy. I've been here my whole my whole life. I'm shy and very quiet. People bully me at school and here. Physical and mentally. They call me fat and other stuff at school. At the orphanage they say my parents never loved me amd that stuff. I. Know it's not true but it hurts. I just wish I could leave. I'm also really good in school. I have only one very true friend. Her name is Cassidy. She sticks up for me. But after school is a different story. I just rush up to my room and cry and do my homework. But there is a little kid here that brightens my day. His name is chase. He's really cute. So that's my life. Oh yea. The orphanage is in London. So I bet I'll never get adopted. But I never give up hope. That's what I have taught myself. I'm also a fan of one direction. I think that's it about me. So please don't hate me. I'm not bad. Well bye.


Hey guys. I hope you guys like this. Also, I don't know much about London so I'm going to take a shot about London. Plus it's my dream to live and go to college in London. I know I'm young and I'm already planning college. But hey, I want to start young. I'm probably boring you to death so I'm going to stop talking. - Nialls wife

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