Adopted by Niall Horan

Katy is an orphan since she was about she can remember. She was left on the door step of the orphanage. She is always quiet, shy, and always sticks to herself. She also bullied at school and at the orphanage. Someone special comes to adopt a child. Will it be her?


37. Help us

Unknowns P.O.V.

Finally! I know where she is! After 13 years I finally found her! I wish that mother of a b**** didn't divorce me. I'm so happy and already planning what I'm going to do to her. I called my buddy.

" Get your fat a** over here now. I found her" I hung up.good thing I stayed in London. My buddy arrived and we headed off.

We got to the house and told my buddy to go and climbed in through the window. Screaming. Wonderful. Crash. What the? Sirens. Dang it! " grrrrrr" I sped away. The cops left with her and my buddy. I felt like screaming. " Fine. Let's play then." I mumbled. I parked the car and walked in through the front door. Some boy came down and I hit him a metal baseball bat. I started dragging him when another one came down. I shoved him, put a mask on him, and threatened him." You listen, you live. Don't listen, you die" I dragged them into a van and took them to an old warehouse.

We got there and I took them out. I handcuffed them to poles. One upstairs and one downstairs. Good. I drove to the house they were in.

Jacobs P.O.V.

I miss her so much. I'm Katy's brother. She doesn't know though. She was too young. Our parents divorced, my father got custody over me. I just hope Katy is safe somewhere. I'm in an old warehouse. I'm here a lot. He came in and it looks like he brought 2 older boys. Uh oh. Then he left. He must of forgot I'm here. He didn't handcuff me. I walked upstairs. I saw a boy and he was trying to get loose." doesn't help" I said. He looked up. He had green eys and curly hair. This should be interesting." Hey. I got a bright idea. Help me." he said sassy. Oh god. I walked over to him. I undid it. He rubbed his wrists and looked at me." what" I shrugged. He sneered at me and walked downstairs. I followed him. I saw another boy and walked over to him. The other guy followed me. I ur cuffed him. He woke up and stood up. " We have to leave now Harry" " I know that Zayn" they kept talking ignoring me." So, you want to leave Zayn and Harry huh?" I said." yeah" the both said. I walked away with them following. Wait. Maybe they know about Katy." Wait. I have a question for you" " Not now. Ask us in the car" yes. I get to leave. 

We got out and went to a house.

" Question time"

" What" Harry said.

" Ok. So do you know a Katy smith?" I asked they looked confused.

" No. But we have a buddy who has a daughter named Katy Horan who he adopted" Zayn said. It is her! 

" She's my sister" I said happy. It was quiet in the car.

" Our father is abusive. Mom divorced him. He got custody of me. I'm bullied at school. I keep going for Katy. Hoping to find her. And I did." I said. I looked out the window. Nobody cares.

Zayns P.O.V.

Finally! We got to the house to find everybody either unconscious, or tied up with a breathing mask on there face. What the crap?! I walked over to Perrie who was tied up and wearing a breathing mask. She was crying. " go. Don't waste time. Make sure Katy is safe. Go!" she said crying. " I'm not leaving you and the boys." I said. Dang. I still didn't make even a dent. She was crying so hard now." Leave my princess alone" some guy said. I looked up and looked at Perrie. She was crying her heart out. Why? I got and walked to him about to punch him. He caught my wrists. He put a mask on me and shoved me down. I panicked. Stop please, I thought." Katy is my daughter. She will never love you" Harry should be heading to the hospital. Good. He clicked some button and I was out.

Harrys P.O.V.

I entered the hospital. I walked into katys room. She was laying there sleeping peacefully. Whew. She looked like she was out good. Some guy came in and tried to punch me. I ducked. I punched and kicked him. I saw a ring button. I rang it. Nurses came in. They saw us and called the cops. Cops came in." Wait! But I want my daughter!" he yelled. The cops stopped and looked at the girl and me. No no NO! " He is her father but she was adopted by me and my lads. Her name is Katy Horan" I told them worried. They looked uncertain." she told my buddy that he abuses her and they got divorced and her mother put her in an orphanage." I said panicked.they took him away. Good. I walked over to Katy and started to stroke her hair. I sighed. Oh Katy. I tucked her hair behind her hair. If she only knew how hard this is. Life. It's so hard. Some guy came in. I got up. He had Niall. " Hahaha. Play the game right, you both win." and he trew Niall down. He had a breathing mask on and was tied up. He left. Oh no. Niall was unconscious. Icalled the nurses. They helped me. We got everything cleaned up and Niall in a room. I looked at Katy. She was still peacefully sleeping. I sighed and closed the door.

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