Adopted by Niall Horan

Katy is an orphan since she was about she can remember. She was left on the door step of the orphanage. She is always quiet, shy, and always sticks to herself. She also bullied at school and at the orphanage. Someone special comes to adopt a child. Will it be her?


35. Coming home

Harry found me. I'm so glad he did. I probably would of died if he didn't find me. Not any difference. I sighed. Harry brought me my phone. I went on twitter and looked at the tweets. Everybody was happy. It made me smile. I went and looked at the boys tweets. They were just really happy and cheerful. I smiled. I turned it off and Harry came back. He had food. I stuffed my face. So good. Me and Harry laughed. Just then I heard feet running down the hall. Niall and Zayn ran in. They were in clothes, but it was wut they wore yesterday. I caught a glimpse of them yesterday. Their hair all messy and they looked frantic. They came over and attacked me with hugs. Woah. I was chuckling to myself and Harry was laughing. Like hard. 

" Why are you laughing" Zayn asked. He calmed down.he pointed at Zayn.

" Your hair. It so messy." we all laughed besides Zayn. He turned pink in the cheeks. We calmed down.

" Where are the rest of the boys?" I asked.

" At home" Niall said looking on his phone. I think he is on twitter. I grabbed my phone and looked on twitter. I was on the home page. The first comment on there was really hurtful. It was can saying: Kaitlyn is soo fat. She should of died in the basement. She should be killed.

Some other comments were hurtful too, but those were normal. Then more popped up and saying the same. Or agreeing. I had tears. Wait, how did she now I was in the basement.

" How did she now I was down there?" I asked aloud. The boys shrugged and looked worried. I looked at some more of the comments. The same fan said: I love them soo much. I thought about knocking on their door and saying hi. It was so tempting.

Uh oh. She must be a stalker. Zayn saw tht tweet too, he called Paul and told him about it. He Sid ok and hung up.

" Paul is getting us extra security." he said. We nodded.

We got home and I didn't see Louis and Liam. I looked at them.

" They went out for a while" I nodded. Mitten came up to me. I picked her up and held her in my arms. She grew. She got a little heavier. I still love her though. I went to the couch and turned the tv on. It was a movie. I kept changing it till I found I liked. Jason texted me. He's a really good boyfriend. 

J- hi can I come over I'm bored.

K- no sorry I'm tired and want to be left alone

J- why are you tired

K- u don't want to know.

J- :(

K- hahahahaha 

J- heheh Davis just walked in I got to go now. Bye :(

K- bye 

Oh Davis. I smiled. Niall gave me popcorn.


Sorry it is such a boring chapter. I'm losing ideas and I'm bored cause my friends won't text me. Bye- Nialls peaches

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