Adopted by Niall Horan

Katy is an orphan since she was about she can remember. She was left on the door step of the orphanage. She is always quiet, shy, and always sticks to herself. She also bullied at school and at the orphanage. Someone special comes to adopt a child. Will it be her?


12. Afternoon

Zaynand Liam finally woke up after a while. Zayns hair was everywhere. I jumped on zayns back and he groaned. I chuckled and fell off. When I fell I hit my foot tht I broke and I started to cry.  Niall picked me up and carried to the couch.

" Thank you dad" I whispered in his ear.

" Your welcome" he said smiling.uncle Zayn got me an ice pack. I grabbed it and put it in his hair. He started to freak out and we all laughed. But I saw Liam not laughing. I limped over to him and asked him why he was sad.

" Im sorry it's nothing." he said. I ident believe him. Then the door bell went off. Harry opened the door and I heard screaming. Cassidy. I laughed. We all did but I think Harry went deaf. Cassidy walked in and saw them all.  They all waved and she was freaking. I forgot my crutches upstairs.

" Follow me" I whispered to her. She nodded and helped me up the stairs. I lead her into my room and her mouth dropped. I grabbed my crutches and we walked downstairs. I grabbed my phone and Niall gave me $400 dollars!( US money ) I looked at him and he smiled. I walked out with Cassidy and got in her moms car. Her mom drove us to the mall and we got out. We went to aroepostale and a lot of other stores. I carried some of my bags but Cassidy carried most of them. Then we sat down at the food court and ate. Some boys walked by and started to eye us. I rolled my eyes and kept talking. 3 of them walked over. When I looked up I couldn't believe who was standing right in front of me: Josh. I gulped and pretended not to notice. The two others were Jason and Davis. I liked Jason.  After a while they walked away. Cassidy and Davis seemed to get along. Niall texted me.

N- You ok

M - Never better. We are coming back to my house. Can Cassidy sleepover?

N- sorry sweety but we need to talk to you about something when you get home. Maybe another time.

I frowned and told Cassidy. I got out of the car and went inside with all my bags.i put my bags by the stairs and sat on the couch. I sat there a while and got tired. I went upstairs and fell asleep. I wonder what they wanted to walk to me about. I soon fell sound asleep.

Liams P.O.V.

Simon told me we have to go on tour. What about Katy. I asked about Katy and he said no. I sighed and left. I told the others and they were really sad. But who cares. I'm going to bring Katy if she wants to come. Katy walked/ limped down the stairs from her nap.

" Hi" I said.

" Hi" 

" I need to ask you something"

" What?" 

" We are going on tour and I was wondering if you wanted to come with us?"

" Yes I would love to come with you" she yelled. She crutched over to the couch really happy.

" Why is she so happy?" Harry asked walking into the room.

" I asked her if she wanted to come on tour with us and she said yes." I replied calmly like there is no problem. 

" Bro, Simon is going to get mad" he said.

" He's not coming with us so what is he going to do" I walked over to Katy and told her we are leaving in a week. She nodded and continued to watch tv. I put my arm around her and leaned my head on her head. We were flipping through channels and I saw toy story was on and I grabbed the remote making her watch toy story with me. She giggled and we watched it together.


Awwww that's a cute chapter. Hey guys I actually have a friend named Cassidy and I had a cat with black spots and he was white. But we had to put him to sleep since he was so sick. Well bye guys- Nialls peaches

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