I will go where ever you go

Lily was just a girl with no family, she had been in and out of foster care for her whole life. She blamed herself for her family's death and thought no one would love her. But one day when she gets herself in big trouble and a blue eyed blonde haired boy saves her she starts to realize what love is really like.


2. You dropped your Keys

*Lilys P.O.V* I got into my car. I didn't even no where i was going. Maybe i could head up to the shops and just look around. I turned on the radio and a one direction song came on, i had heard it many times before and really liked it. I tapped my finger and sang along whilst my hair blew in the breeze. "AND I DANCED ALL NIGHT TO THE BEST SONG " i sung at the top of my lungs.  I drove into a parking space and stepped out the car. Looking around i gulped as i saw some girls from my College, i span on my heels and ran in the opposite direction. I couldn't let them see me it was too embarrassing. I stepped into the nearest shop, and walked towards the back still catching my breath. They wouldn't find me in here. My eyes slowly made its way around the shop taking in all the colourful clothes, " i guess i do need some new clothes" i thought to myself. I let me hands feel the materials around and thats when i saw it. A golden knecklace with a heart locket hanging from the end of it. My heart skipped a beat. My mum had that knecklace. My feet where glued to the ground and i could barely breath. "Er  excuse me you dropped your keys". I turned around facing this stranger. My jaw dropped open. "Oh my .................GOD" i whispered. "shhhh shhhh please don't scream" he pleaded. His deep warm irish accent and his blue eyes made my heart flutter. It was Niall from One Direction. I litreally couldn't speak! What was he doing here! Why was he talking to me. I suddenly forgot how to speak. He chuckled and waved his hand infront of my face. 

Nialls P.O.V  I had seen her running from something when i had come out from Starbucks.  She was absolutely beautiful, her brown hair stopped just under her shoulders and her shimmering blue eyes glistened in the sunlight. Her figure was amazing and she just looked perfect. But i saw panic in her eyes and i scanned around to see what she was running from. I saw nothing... she dropped her keys in the middle of the road. I thought this was my time to act as the Irish Hero, i chuckled to myself at the thought and grabbed the eyes walking after her. I found her in the middle of the shop staring at something. Wow her bum was really nice, i shook my head " No Niall come on give her the keys" i thought to myself. I slowly came up behind her and told her that she dropped her keys. When she turned around to face me butterflies filled the pit of my stomach . My eyes met hers and it felt like my stomach was doing flips.

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