I will go where ever you go

Lily was just a girl with no family, she had been in and out of foster care for her whole life. She blamed herself for her family's death and thought no one would love her. But one day when she gets herself in big trouble and a blue eyed blonde haired boy saves her she starts to realize what love is really like.


35. The night took over

Nialls P.O.V


SHE SAID YES. This had turned out to be the best night of my life. We walked back into the room that was bellowing with music. Liam and Caitlin were dancing in the middle of the dance floor looking as happy as ever. A bigger smile lifted on my face, i looked down to myn and Lilys hand that was interlocked, the gleaming ring that sat on her finger. My eyes gazed up in to my fiancée's eyes, she had the most beautiful angelic smile on her face.

I pulled her onto the dance floor and we swayed in time to the music. Olly Murs walked onto the stage, i looked up over to Caitlin who looked like she was going to wet herself, her face was priceless. Olly began to sing 'Hey you Beautiful' into the black microphone. Harry Zayn and Louis came over to join me and Lily. My head was already buzzing from the alcohol that ran through my body. Lily was laughing whilst i held her hands and sung the lyrics to her. I couldn't wait for what life was going to bring me and Lily. Lily Horan...i smirked to myself, that sounded perfect.


Lily's P.O.V 

I twirled my hand around gazing at the amazing ring whilst Niall got our key for the hotel room. He was pretty drunk which i found very amusing. I had never seen him act so childish before, i guess i love drunk Niall just as much as i love the sober Niall. He grabbed my hand and we ran up the wooden stairs. We stopped outside a brown door. I watched as Niall's delicate white hand's fiddled with the gold key. I laughed at this and shook my head lightly. "Come here, let me do it" i said letting a soft sigh. He handed over the key and i slipped it into the keyhole. I felt Niall lean into me from behind pressing his warmth against my back, his hands gently moved my hair from my shoulder and his soft cold lips pressed against my neck. He left a trail of tender kisses up the side of neck and he made his way to my ear. " Lady's first" he whispered. The touch of his breath sent shivers down my spine. I new what Niall was after, it was so obvious. I was pretty excited myself, it had been a while since we....well you no. I stepped into the hotel room and Niall followed. I closed the creaking oak door behind us...and the night took over.


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