I will go where ever you go

Lily was just a girl with no family, she had been in and out of foster care for her whole life. She blamed herself for her family's death and thought no one would love her. But one day when she gets herself in big trouble and a blue eyed blonde haired boy saves her she starts to realize what love is really like.


18. Telling the boys

Lilys P.O.V

My eyes fluttered opened to see my lovely boyfriend fast asleep on the pillow next to me. His blonde hair was all messy. I felt his hands still wrapped around my waist, i never wanted him to let ago. I smiled to myself, just looking at him and being with him makes all the pain go away. I lent forward so i could feel his soft breath skim against my face I kissed him on his cheek and watched a little smile form in his lips. I got out of bed and grabbed some clothes from my bag and went to get changed. Once i had changed into a pair of demin disco jeans and a black floral top, i brushed my hair so it fell over my shoulders. I attempted to cover the marks on my face but it didn't work so i left it and made my way to the kitchen. I looked through his cubpoards and found packets of biscuits and haribos but no proper food, i laughed to myself. I went through his fridge and found a packet of bacon. That should do. I began to cook it and soon the kitchen was soon filled with the sizzling smell of mouth watering bacon. I heard a wolf whistle and i turned round to see Niall standing up against the wall watching me with a smirk on his face. "Well doesn't somebody look sexy" he said.

"Hmm i wonder who this sexy girl" i said back sarcastically. he chuckled and wrapped his arms around my waist planting small soft individual kisses on my neck. Warm tingles danced around my body. i left a kiss on his check and went back to putting the cooked bacon on the plate. "Wow and look at this everybody Lily Grove is making breakfast" he sung. I rolled my eyes but let out a little giggle. I went to grab a piece of bacon and just as i was about to pop it into my mouth Niall grabbed it and shoved it into his mouth. I gasped and turned around. He started laughing hysterically and began to run. I chased after him but then stopped as shooting pains filled my chest. I grabbed hold of the table to steady myself. "woahhh are you okay"Niall said rushing to myself. I nodded. He took my hand and led me to sit on the sofa. He went over back to the kitchen and brought me back a glass of orange juice and the plate of bacon. Once we had finished the bacon we sat together watching tv and cuddled. Unexpectedly the door bell went, it made us both jump. I watched at Niall jogged over to the door and opened it and in barged Liam Louis Harry and Zayn. They all hugged Niall and i let out a little laugh whilst watching them. They all turned around to face me. Harry gasped and Zayn covered his mouth with his hand. "Oh my god Lily what happened to you?" Liam questioned. I looked down at the floor and felt tears brim in my eyes. Louis looked at Niall "you didn't did you" he gasped. 

"No it wasn't Niall, he would never do that to me" i stated. Niall came over and sat next to me with him arm around my shoulder. "It was my ... my dad" i whispered. I burst into  tears as all the images came back into my head, the pipe coming down onto my leg, the slap. All the boys ran over to me and they knelt by my side. Harry took my hands and the rest of the boys all hugged me. I winced as they pressed into my bruises. "Careful guys, she still in pain" Niall said responsibly.  It felt much better that the boys knew. "Hes been arrested right" Harry asked.

"Yep, Thanks to Niall i'm still alive" I said whilst snuggling into his chest. 

"You guys are so cute together" Liam teased. 

Niall kissed the top of my head and i felt myself go red. 

"Oh crap, what about the Brownes i haven't phoned them or anything" i panicked.

"Its okay the hospital phoned them and they no your with me, Caitlin can't wait to see you shes really worried about you" Niall said calming me down.

I relaxed and looked up to see Liam had gone red and a huge smile was on his face. I frowned. "Liam..." i said

He looked up at me and started laughing. All the boys were nudging him. Me and Niall looked at each other in confusion and back at the boys. 

Nialls P.O.V

What was going on? What had possibly happened in the 3 days i haven't seen them.

"Well erm, i kinda of took Caitlin on a date and we um we kissed and i guess you could say were an item now" Liam said blushing.

I started laughing at Lilys face, she looked so shocked.

"OMG!! Jesus Christ Liam you've been busy" Lily shouted and hit him playfully with the pillow.

All the boys were on the floor in fits of laughter. I smiled to myself as i watched Lily take all this in. She was so beautiful, i had never loved someone as much as her. If i had never met her i don't no what i would do. She completes me. 


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