I will go where ever you go

Lily was just a girl with no family, she had been in and out of foster care for her whole life. She blamed herself for her family's death and thought no one would love her. But one day when she gets herself in big trouble and a blue eyed blonde haired boy saves her she starts to realize what love is really like.


15. Such a gentlemen

Nialls P.O.V

"Well Mr Horan it looks like good knews, we had a look at Lilys xrays and theres no broken bone but just severe bruising that might take a while to heal, so she is ready to go home but she needs to take it easy and rest so defiantly no sex" she explained. When she mentioned the word sex i went bright red. She laughed, "well you can go pack her things and take her home we will call you in a couple of weeks to check up on her" she said and walked off. I headed back to the room and found Lily asleep. I chuckled, she looked so innocent and cute just laying there. I walked over to her and sat on her bed being careful of her legs. i tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek. She was so beautiful even with the marks all over her face. I couldn't wait for our future together, even the little things like sleeping next to her at night, and cuddling with her on the sofa. Just the thought brought a huge smile to my face. Lily began to stir, i looked up and her eyes were open and she was watching me smiling. The light in her eyes had come back.

"Lets go home beautiful" i said. She blushed and began to slowly get out of bed and gather up her things. "Err no what do you think your doing Missy" i said chuckling. "sit down i will do it"

She nodded and sat down on the bed running her fingers through her hair. "Niall" she breathed.

"Yh" i said.

"I don't want to go home tonight, i can't let the Brownes see me like this" she stuttered.

I got nervous, i didn't want her to take it the wrong way. "You can stay at myn" i muttered meeting her eyes.

A smile spread across her face. "Thank you" she said. 

I stuffed her clothes into her bag and zipped it up and slung it over my shoulder. I walked over to Lily and wrapped my arm around her waist trying my best to support her. She let out a giggle, "aww such a gentlemen" she grinned.

I Laughed. "Lets go home" i said and we headed out the door.

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