I will go where ever you go

Lily was just a girl with no family, she had been in and out of foster care for her whole life. She blamed herself for her family's death and thought no one would love her. But one day when she gets herself in big trouble and a blue eyed blonde haired boy saves her she starts to realize what love is really like.


33. Mr and Mrs Payne

Nialls P.O.V

This was the best moment of my life, i had my girl back. It was everything i had been asking for and now i got it. I couldn't wipe the huge smile of my face for the whole entire mass. As i stood next to my best friend and his bride i kept my eyes on Lily who stood on Caitlins side. She looked radiant with that dress on. Her eyes were irresistible, just gazing into them got me lost in a dream. "....And will you Caitlin Browne take Liam Payne to be your husband...." said the Priest. "I do" Caitlin breathed with a huge smile on her face. I was so happy for them two, i had never seen Liam so happy before. Caitlin is an amazing stunning girl and he is lucky to have her but i'm even luckier to have Lily. Words can't describe how much she means to me, but i no for sure that i want to spend the rest of my life with her.

Lilys P.O.V

The mass ended and i followed Caitlin out the church. Nialls fingers slid into myn and our hands interlocked. My cheeks filled with warm as he pulled me into another hug. I had missed this so much. I couldn't control my emotions, a tear drop skimmed my check. "Hey baby don't cry" he whispered into my ear.

"I'm sorry... iv'e just missed all this, i'm just so glad i got you back" i murmured. He smiled and leaned forward kissing me on my forehead. "Well we will never be apart again, i promise" he said. I stood on my tiptoes and planted a soft kiss on his plush lips. Everything finally fitted into place. My life was a jigsaw and i had i always had that one part that didn't make it complete, and it was him. Niall Horan completes my jigsaw.


Liams P.O.V

I can't tell you how happy i am.  I have a beautiful wife that i love so much and my bestfriend is happy again. My head buzzed with thoughts, I need to speak to Niall urgently, because this morning when i was trying to find my keys i found a box in the draw at the back. I remember holding it lightly in my hands, my fingers fiddled with the lid and it slipped open revealing a silver diamond ring.

I wrapped my arms around my bride and kissed her flushed cheek. "I love you" i mumbled into her neck. "I love you more" she said with a cheeky grin. I turned to look at Niall who was too busy kissing and cuddling Lily. His smile lit up the room. I smiled at this, he was so happy it made me proud. He had to do it today. I was going to make him do it today. I couldn't wait to tell Caitlin the news.


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