I will go where ever you go

Lily was just a girl with no family, she had been in and out of foster care for her whole life. She blamed herself for her family's death and thought no one would love her. But one day when she gets herself in big trouble and a blue eyed blonde haired boy saves her she starts to realize what love is really like.


14. I want to go home

Lilys P.O.V

My mouth dropped open. Did he just say he loved me. I didn't know what to say. I had never felt this way about anyone before, and when i was in that room with my dad the only person i wanted was Niall, not my Aunt or my friends or even my mum ...just Niall. Everything about Niall just stuck to me, like he was meant to be myn. I loved the way he could easily make me laugh, he would make me feel special and beautiful. There was never an awkward silence it was peaceful.I don't think i could ever love someone like this ever again. He went through everything to save me, without him i think i would of tried to leave this world and be with my mum and brother. He was like a drug, i tried it for the first time and now i'm addicted forever. "I love you too Niall" i said into his chest. I could feel his abs through his shirt, it made me tingle all over. I felt his eyes gazing at me, i looked up and even though i was in a serious amount of pain, happiness and love managed to over take my body leaving me breathless. I was lowered onto an ambulance car bed, people were rushing over to me and Niall had still got hold of my shaking bruised hand but slowly our hands slipped apart and he disappeared into the crowd. "Noo i need Niall" i breathed pushing hands of me. "Ma'am you will be able to see your boyfriend soon but please we need to get you to medical attention your in a pretty bad state" the ambulance said firmly. I knew she was alright but i didn't want to go to the hospital, i just wanted to go home. "I'm fine i don't need medical attention" i stated. But it was too late they shut the ambulance doors and started the car driving off.


Nialls P.O.V

I watched as the ambulance drove away. i still remember the worried look on her face when i got pushed out the car, the way she screamed for me. I wish i was in there right now holding her hand but the ambulance people refused. I guess i have to make my own way to the hospital. I jumped into the car and chased after the ambulance following it all the way to the hospital. I knew she was going to be fine physically, but not mentally. What happened in room 226 will haunt her for the rest of life, theres no way on earth i can stop her from remembering it but i new that i could make her feel safe again. She trusted me and she loved me, i will make her feel safe and secure again even if its the last thing i do!


Lilys P.O.V

I was pushed through doors after doors and finally when they pushed me into a room i felt myself slowly relaxing. Tiredness started kicking in and all i wanted was to sleep. My eyelids grew too heavy and i blacked out falling into a long deep sleep.

"Lily, babe wake up" Niall said sweetly whilst stroking my leg.  My eyelids fluttered open and there sat my gorgeous Irish boyfriend with a tiny sweet smile pursed in his delicate red lips. "How you feeling?" he said now sitting on my bed with his hand still stroking my leg. It felt nice and comforting. "Much better" i said smiling. He moved in and kissed me on my forehead, his hands made it's way up my bed and interlocked in myn, his warmth was so luxurious. The door swung open and the nurse came in. She nodded at Niall, i watched as he got up from the bed still holding my hand, i felt his soft lips kiss the top of my hand sending shivers down my spine. "I will be back in 5 minutes Lils just going to speak to the nurse" he said. I nodded and closed my eyes once again. I still felt tired, everything that had happened had drained me. 


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