Mute Princess

Kayleigh Styles had been locked up for 3 years, with nobody to help her but herself. What happens when she escapes, and finds her brother, who she hasn't seen since she was taken. What happens when she falls in love with his band mate?
Will One Direction's loudest member get her to speak again?


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Kayleigh’s POV: After I had run around the entire bottom of the house for about an hour, the lads told me that they had something to show me. I was a bit confused, because I could have sworn that all of them had not been in the house for the past 2 days because I was at the hospital. I shrugged it off, and we walked up the stairs. I looked in each room, and I wish I never had, well, Niall and Zayn’s room’s were alright, but the others, hmmm, no. I loved Liam’s, it had Toy Story all over it, Harry’s room was a bit, iffy, boxers everywhere, but I was bought up to that, so it’s all good. And then there was Louis, his room was full of mugs, wrappers, instruments and stuff like that. At the very end of the corridor, there was a door, paint different shades of blue from top to bottom. “Ready?” Harry asked. I nodded my head, and I walked in. If this was my room, I felt like the most spoilt girl in the world. The walls were tinted with blues and greens, and the ceiling had different pictures painted into it. There was a double bed, with blue and white flowers on the quilt, 2 bed side cabinets, some draws for my clothes and a built in wardrobe. There was also a balcony as well, which had 2 chairs and a table on. I was speechless, for obvious reasons, but even if I could talk, I recon I would still be speechless. “What d’ya think?” Harry asked. I made a heart with my hands, and he smiled. “That’s good, now come sit, I have something else for you!” He said, I walked over to him, and sat down. I grabbed a bag, and pulled something out. It was a white container, which had something inside. He gave it to me, and I opened it. Inside was a brand new iPhone 4s, white. I looked at Harry, and I started crying tears of joy. I hugged him, not believing what had happened. This must be a dream, someone pinch me! “Think of is as 3 Christmas’ and birthday’s I was there,” Harry said to me. I kept hugging him, and he hugged me back. “Aww, cute brother sister moment!” Someone from the door way said. I turned around and saw Louis, standing in the door frame with his arms crossed. “Nice room!” “Haha, you didn’t know about it did you?” I wanted to ask, but couldn’t. “Eleanor my girlfriend is coming round, she should be here about now,” and when he said that, the front door slammed shut. I heard the clicking of hells, and a huff. I heard her walking towards us, and in she walked, the girl that hurt me. I shuffled into Harry, trying to hide myself as much as possible. They all looked at my weirdly. “What’s wrong Kay?” Harry asked me. I looked for a piece of paper and pen to use, and I found one. I quickly wrote something on it, and showed them. ‘It’s her! She’s the one that took me! It’s her!” I had put. “That’s not possible. Eleanor was on holiday for a week, and she wasn’t in the UK,” Louis said. I sighed, and raised my arm. They saw my scars, and I showed them the new ones. ‘These were her doing!’ I wrote down. ‘And my throat, she strangled me!’ “That’s not what Eleanor would do, would you babe!” Louis said, looking at her. “Sorry, what babe, I zoned out,” “You wouldn’t hurt anybody!” He said. She didn’t reply. “El?” He said to her. “Fine! I did it! She’s a whore! She took my dream away!!” “What dream?” Louis said, “I wanted to be a model, but she got in, so I took her away, and I got the place instead. You fucking whore! Don’t think of others before yourself, bitch!” She spat at me. “ELEANOR! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!” Louis shouted at her. “Fine! I was using you by the way!” “JUST GET OUT YOU ASSHOLE! WE’RE THREW!” Louis shouted at her, dragging her out. I sat on Harry’s lap, crying my eyes out. Harry started rubbing his hand up and down my back, soothing me like a baby. I curled into a tiny ball, felling like I could hide in my cocoon forever. I heard someone coming up the stairs, and saw Louis coming, crying his eyes out. I stood in the door way, crying. I motioned for him to come here, so her came and sat next to Harry and I. ‘You don’t deserve her! Your too good for her! Don’t let yourself and others down over her. I’m sure you’ll find the one someday!’ I wrote down, then showed him. “Aww, thank’s Kay, that means a lot. I won’t, I promise. I was getting a but suspicious about her a few weeks ago, when she kept saying she had to go at random times,” He said. I got out of Harry’s arms, and crawled into Louis’. ‘Don’t worry. She won’t hurt you again. You have the lads, myself, and the whole fandom who will protect you from that bitch!” I wrote down, then showed him. He laughed, and said. “That’s really sweet, nobody usually ever say’s that to me, not ever...” he said sadly. ‘Don’t worry, I’m always here if you need someone. Now, could you help me set up my phone please!’ I wrote down, then showed him. “Sure,” he said, taking the box. He opened it up, and took out the phone and charger. He plugged it into the wall, and turned it on. Well, that was simple. He opened it up, and did a bunch of random stuff, then went to contacts, and put in some peoples’ numbers. He wen onto something else, and I heard the sound of a lot of clicking, which was weird, because it sounded like a camera! Oh no, don’t say he’s taking selfies. I took it from him, and he pouted. “But, I wanted to take selfies!” He said. I text him, and his phone went off, and he looked. “Ohh, that’s rude!” he said. I smiled, and put the other stuff away. I put the box in the bag, and I felt some other stuff in there. I took something out, and I pulled out a Superman phone case. I smiled at the silly gift Harry got me. Honestly, I felt like I had been spoilt. I hate it when people buy me things. I prefer to earn things myself, rather than someone buy it for me. I’m weird like that. “C’mon, let’s go get some food!” Louis said, standing up. I stood up, shoving my stuff some where, then followed Louis downstairs. The other lads were sat on the sofa watching football. I quickly decided to text Harry. ‘Hairy Harry x: Can I make you guys dinner? I know something that you’ll all love a lot!’ and I sent . His phone went off, and he got it out. “Sure, go ahead!” He said. I did a happy dance, which made Louis laugh, and I went into the kitchen. I got out all the things I needed, and started the food. I went onto my phone, and went onto a thing that let’s you say what you want when you type it in. “GUYS GET YO FAT HAIRY BUTS IN HERE!” I had put, and it shouted it. Niall was here first, surprise, and went straight to the food. I had laid the table out for them, and made some random shit. I just took whatever I could find and made a random dish. The others walked in, and saw the food. “Woah!” They all said, whilst Niall was busy stuffing his face with food. They all laughed, and we all took a seat. I took a small portion of food, and started to eat it. I found myself taking more and more, until I was full. Niall was still going, and the others had finished all their food. “That was amazing Kayleigh!” Liam said. “I agree!” Zayn said. “Me 3!” Louis said. “I could eat more!” Niall said. “We all know you could Niall, and I do as well!” Harry said. I must have blushed as red as a tomato, because they all started laughing. “Let’s play truth or dare!” Louis said. “Yes,” Niall said. “Yeah, do you wanna join in Kayleigh?” Harry asked. I nodded my head, and we all walked into the front room. We sat in a circle, and Louis went first. “Okay, umm, Niall, truth or dare?” “Truth!” “Name one food you don’t like!” “OMG HOW COULD YOU BE SO CRULE!” Niall shouted. I laughed a silent laugh, and everyone looked at me. “Guys....she.....just....laughed!” Harry said. I text him saying ‘Well ya don’t say!’ the others saw, and laughed. “Niall, answer please!” “I don’t have a food that I dislike!” “Awww!” “Anyway, Harry, truth or dare?” “Dare,” “I dare you to put gel in Louis’ hair,” “That’s easy,” “I wasn’t finished. Put gel in Louis’ hair, without your hands,” Oh my god. This is gonna be interesting. I got out my phone and got out the camera, and changed the settings to video. I started, as Harry put gel in Louis’ hair with his feet. Eww, that’s horrible! When he was finished, I stopped it. We were all laughing at him, and Louis’ was sorting it out.He shook his hair, and it all spurted out. “Anyway, Louis, truth or dare!” “Dare!” “I dare you to do 7 minutes in heaven with Kayleigh!” FUCK! There is no way this is gonna go well. We both blushed, and Louis stood up. “Care to join me?” He said, offering me a hand up. I took at, and we walked to the cupboard. “OKAY! 7 MINUTES STARTING, NOW!” Harry shouted. “So...” Louis said. We stood in silence, and someone banged on the door. “I DON’T HEAR VERY MUCH!” They shouted. “Wanna do a Niall?” He asked. I nodded my head, he started to take his top off. “This includes kissing,” he said. I sighed, and I felt my self leaning in. We stood there and kissed passionately. It started to get heated, and he asked for entrance. I granted it, and we started making out. “1 MINUTE!” Harry shouted. This is only a dare, only a dare. We stayed there for a few minutes, and I felt him tugging on the hem of my shirt. I pulled it down, and the door opened. Louis and I parted quickly, and the others stood in shock. Louis put his shirt back on, and we stood there, both of us blushing like mad. “Well, that was a umm, eventful game, I say that’s the end,” Liam said. I quickly ran out, up the stairs, and into my room. I locked the door behind me, and sat on the floor. I shouldn’t have done that. I fell bad, he just broke up. I’m such a whore, why is my life so hard?
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