Heart of Fire (Leo Valdez fan fiction)

Hey my names Ria, and I'm not what you'd call normal. I've been in many schools and I remember my first school I ever went to I burnt down... yeah. Worst of all I'm ADHD dyslexic. My mother left my father and I when I was born. after being kind napped by a Pegasus and embarrassed millions of times I found some of the best friends I could ever ask for.


2. The gods of Olympus

*Ria's POV*
As we flew over NewYork I could Tell this would be a once in a life time experience. The lights of the city below us were amazing. After I got bored of the lights I started thinking. I had just lost my last family member. How could my dad ever stand to look at me again? I let silent tears fall don my cheeks.
"We're about five minutes away." Percy said from in front of me. I whipped the tears away and looked a head. I squinted my eyes before realising I wasn't wearing m glasses. I got my glasses out of my satchel. They looked like those Black, square rimmed nerdy type glasses. I looked up ahead and say strawberry fields. Also near the clearing was a big blue four story house. Further out to the sea was a big under cover area with tables.Over to the right on the cliff was a big bonfire. The smell of smoke calmed me down almost immediately.  Further away I saw coins, heaps of them in two big ovals.
"Welcome to Camp Half-Blood."
"Wait... Half-blood?" I asked.
"Wait till we see the camp director, Chiron. he'll explain." I nodded. BlackJack landed in front of the Big blue house. Percy got off The Pegasus and ran up to the door and I... you could say I fell off. I got up quickly so Percy didn't see anything were as Blackjack was making sounds like he was laughing.
"Shut up." I mumbled.  Percy knocked on the door and ushered me to go stand next to him. About five minutes lateer a man in a wheelchair opened the door.
"ah Percy, good job. You must be Ria Parks? I'm the Camp director Chiron."
"It's nice to meet you sir." I shook his hand and he led us inside.
"Sit down, Wouldd you like a cup of tea or coffee?"
"Coffee please." I mumbled.
"So miss Parks, could you please explain what happened?" I started explaining from driving home too my father wanting me to take me clothes off to now. By then end I was crying and Percy had an arm around me.
"Nw Ria I understand if you don't believe me but do you believe in the gods and olympus?"  was a bit taken back by this but I nodded.
"I've heard of them but I don't necessarily believe in them." Chiron smiled.
"Well, they're really. Have you ever heard storeys about how they come down to earth an had children with mortals?" 
"Like Hercules? He was a son of Zeus wasn't he?" Chiron nodded.
"Wait so Half-Blood means half god/Half human?"I asked
"Well, done. Percy is son of Poseidon... show her Percy." Percy noded and looked at a cold glass of tea. He put his hand out and only water come out of the glass. I looked at it in amazement.
"You, my child. Are a Half Blood too." I nodded. I still didn't believe them but I dint want to offend them.
"Well, Ria, Percy I better go get ready while you two go for breakfast." 
"Thank you, Chiron." I smiled.
"Oh and Percy, Do you mind if Ria sits with you?" Percy shook his head. Percy and I walk out side into the early morning sun.
"Percy?" I asked.
"Who's my mother?" we walked a few more steps in silence before he spoke.
"It's hard to tell but she'll probably claim you today sometime. Then we'll know." When we got to the eating area I was amazed. Everything was made of marble. In the centre was a fire, not as big as the one outside just a bit smaller. Looking around only a couple of people were here. When they saw Percy and I they ran up asking a million questions an hour.
"Guys! this is Ria. Ria, this is Piper, annabeth, Jason, Frank, Hazel,and Leo." Percy said pointing at everyone.
"hi" I waved shyly. 
"Hey Ria who's your godly parent?" a girl with blond curly hair said, Annabeth I think.
"Don't know." I shrugged.
I think she's daughter of Aphrodite. She's to pretty to be anything else." Piper, I think said.
"Ugh thank?" 
"Nah she's daughter of Hephaestus. I can check if you like." a boy with curly hair, Leo said. His hand erupted in flame causing me to stumble back. Everyone started fighting over who my godly parent was.
"WAIT! We have to find out if she's greek or Roman. Say any gods name." Jason said.
"Greek!" Everyone cheered.
"Let's go sit down guys, everyone's here." We all split up and took our seats.
"Silence!" Chiron was now a fully grown century. I stared at him with wide eyes.
"Today we have a new camper! Ria Parks!" All eyes were on me. Oh gods! 

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