Heart of Fire (Leo Valdez fan fiction)

Hey my names Ria, and I'm not what you'd call normal. I've been in many schools and I remember my first school I ever went to I burnt down... yeah. Worst of all I'm ADHD dyslexic. My mother left my father and I when I was born. after being kind napped by a Pegasus and embarrassed millions of times I found some of the best friends I could ever ask for.


3. A Day of Embarresment

*Ria's POV* 
Looking around at everyone leaving, I knew I wouldn't fit in. I acted and looked like none of them. 
"C'mon I'll show you round. You don't have to do any activates today." Percy pulled me along to the campfire place. 
"This is the campfire. Every night we do sing alongs and roast marsh mellows."   Next to the fire was a little girl about 10 turning the logs. She looked up at me and smiled. 
"Oh that's Hestia, you know goddess of the hearth." I nodded and followed him to an amphitheater. 
"This is were we do sword practice." Percy continued showing me everything then we went over to the weapon shed.
"Okay everyone needs a weapon. Lets see if we can find you one."
"I'm not so sure about this Percy." I hated weapons.
"try this." Hy handed me a sword which was way to heave.
"Nope... ugh... how about this." this time he handed me a bow which felt a bit better.
"Not really."
"I would prefer if my daughter didn't have a weapon." Percy and I spun round to see the girl from the camp fire. I laughed.
"Um your not my mother you're like... ten!" My 'mother' rolled her eyes.  suddenly she started to shine and my instincts  told me to look away. When the light had faded I turned around to see a woman about 30 years old with brown/hazel hair and hazel eyes like the hearth.
"Holy Hades..."
"My child no one was suppose to know I had a child." i stood there just staring at her like she had the eyes.
"Oh wipe that ridiculous look of your face!" she ordered.
"Yes mam! I mean mum! I mean Hestia." I stumbled.
"now as I was saying, I fell deeply in love with your father but I was not aloud so I offered him a gift... you. I left you in the heart of the fire for him to find. this is why you love fire so much."
"Okay... I'm just I I I." I was going to say something but I fainted instead.

*Percy's POV*
Her face! Oh that was funny but then she fainted. Hestia rubbed her temples in frustration.
"I'm going to take her to the hospital wing." I picked her up bridal style and carried her up to the hospital wing.
"hey seaweed brai- ugh what happened?" Annabeth came jogging up beside me.
"She met Hestia." She nodded and oppened the door to the hospital wing.
"I'll go get Will." she ran off to go find Will while I put her on a near by bed.
"Has she been claimed yet?" Will asked.
"yeah she met the goddess herself."
"Oh. Who?"
"You're joking!"
"I'm gonna go get the others." Annabeth ran off.
"So what happened?"
"She fainted." Will started to do magical Apollo-y stuff when the others came in.
"Spill the beans!" Piper ordered.

After telling Leo, Piper, Hazel, Frank, Annabeth and Jason what happened Ria woke up.

*Ria's POV*

I jus had the weirdest dream were there was this goddess and she claimed to be my mum and- oh man! I looked around to see Annabeth, Percy, Leo, Piper, Jason, Hazel and frank standing around me.
"Hello daughter of Hestia!" Leo joked but then got elbowed in the gut by Piper.
"That wasn't a dream?!" I said, startled.
"No, no no no no no no this can't be happening!" I got up and started pacing what seemed to be a hospital of some kind.
"Um Are you ok-"
"No I'm not okay! there was a goddess and a Pegasus and a cheese ball!"
"Cheese ball?" they all said in allusion.
"Yeah that one over there!" I yelled pointing at Percy.
"Oooohhhh that makes sence." Percy nodded. I was about to ask if I was dreaming when my nose lit itself on fire.
"Ahh! not again!" I clammed my hands on my nose.
"COOL!!" Leo screamed. he set his index finger on fire and started poking my check saying 'poke!' over and over again.
"Will you quite it?!"
"Alright alright geez!" Leo said putting his hands up in defense. the rest of the group looked ether scared or trying not to laugh (A.K.A Percy).
"Okay I just *yawn* need sleep and when I wake up I'll be back home with my dad. yeah that will work."
"Ugh your nose is on fire again." Frank pointed out. I patted it out and shot him a glare.
"Um Leo? go take her to her cabin and Annabeth and I will go talk to Chiron." Percy said. I follow the goof ball Leo out the Hospital thing and all the way to the camps.
"I can't believe we have another fire user!" He said excitedly.
"*Yawn* Yeah... Great." I was really getting annoyed with Leo so I thought I'd try something. I pointed my index finger at his butt and imagined a small ball of fire shooting out of it. to my surprise it worked.
"hey Leo? Your butt's on fire." He stopped and looked at his butt.
"AAAAHHHHH MY BUTT'S ON FIRE!" He screamed running around. I fell on the ground from laughter.
"I will kill you for that Ria!" he said walking back.
"oh yeah? try me."
"Maybe later... anyway we're here! have a good night and all that. bye!" He ran off before I could reply. I turned around to look at my cabin which was made of red bricks with vines crawling up the sides. when I walked inside a fell in love with the inside. A oak floor matched the ceiling. the walls were cream with windows and red curtains. three four poster beds stood around a small fire. the beds kinda reminded me of harry potter. I walked round the lit fire and fell onto a bed, drifting into a deep sleep.

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