My Beautiful Muse and Me

Have you ever fallen for someone for so long, you could never stop, even if you wanted to? Have you noticed someone from afar for so long and always wanted to get to now every single detail about him or her? Expressed through poetry, this will contain all the high and lows of falling in love for the first time for an impossible crush.


9. There you were

There you were,

All perfect and neat.

Dressed in your best,

To fulfill your quest.


6 feet tall,

You watched from below.

As my mistakes grew bigger,

So did your judgement.


Bright blue eyes,

As big as the sky.

Used to cast lightning,

And cease the fighting.


Bright brown hair,

Like autumn leaves dare,

To fall to their death,

To wither, to decay.


Yet you were here,

All perfect and new.

For anyone to see,

You are just for me.


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