My Beautiful Muse and Me

Have you ever fallen for someone for so long, you could never stop, even if you wanted to? Have you noticed someone from afar for so long and always wanted to get to now every single detail about him or her? Expressed through poetry, this will contain all the high and lows of falling in love for the first time for an impossible crush.


1. The Prophecy

When an angel

Pure with light falls

Onto the earth,

Light will return to this world.

But when this almighty slayer is among the present

A heartless,

So consumed in the hellish flames,

Trying to overturn the balance

And to stop the angel’s goal.

But little does this devil know

That the hero,

Always won.

No matter how many times she screwed up.

And when this king of shadows

Was defeated,

He would return to the ground from which he came from.

Until then

He teaches his minions of his ways

Until they can all rise again

And claim what was rightfully his.

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