My Beautiful Muse and Me

Have you ever fallen for someone for so long, you could never stop, even if you wanted to? Have you noticed someone from afar for so long and always wanted to get to now every single detail about him or her? Expressed through poetry, this will contain all the high and lows of falling in love for the first time for an impossible crush.


5. The Forest

The forest was dark,



Like it had someone to hide

Like the secret was the only thing

Separating me from life or death

I had only one option

The choice that felt so right

But at the same time

Was so wrong

He walked elegantly towards me

Like he owned the world

He didn’t own this world

But he owned mine

Stupidly I walked towards him

Turning my past

Into ashes

And when he held me

I knew

A new path,

Whether it was light or dark

Opened just for me.

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