My Beautiful Muse and Me

Have you ever fallen for someone for so long, you could never stop, even if you wanted to? Have you noticed someone from afar for so long and always wanted to get to now every single detail about him or her? Expressed through poetry, this will contain all the high and lows of falling in love for the first time for an impossible crush.


20. Do you care?

Do you care?

That I'm alive?

Do you bother at all?

To ignore my flaws?


Do I exist?

In your world?

Or am I just a ghost?

You want to forget?


Have I died?

In your heart?

Or were you the killer?

The silent shadow?


I am alive.

But not in yours.

I am the one.

Who keeps coming for more.


I must leave now.

And let you live.

But please don't forget me.

The ghost you never knew.

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