Marie left the boys four years ago. But why did she leave?
When Liam finds himself sitting on a plane next to Marie he immediately recognises why she left but doesn't let Marie know. When Marie agrees to stay with Liam over the holidays she doesn't understand what she's in for. Can Harry fix her broken heart and mend his mistake? Or does Niall get in first?


5. What a day


" Have you still got Diana?" I asked puffing.

" Yeah course love." Niall smiled pulling me close. I knelt down to Delilah and held her close.

" Are you hurt sweetie?" I asked frowning.

" No mummy, I'm okay" She smiled shaking the snow out of her curly brown hair.

I kissed her forehead and got up. Niall was on the phone holding a tray of three drinks.

I took them from Niall and kissed his cheek. He had his hand on the small of my back as we found an empty table. Niall was still on the phone so I handed Diana her hot chocolate and took a sip out of mine.

" Mummy?" Diana asked looking at me with a frown between her brows.

" Yes sweetie." I asked.

" Why isn't daddy and mummy still together?" She asked so innocently.

I frowned and Niall put his arm over my shoulder. He wasn't on the phone anymore, now he was listening.

" Um, sweetie, sometimes people aren't right for each other. Your daddy doesn't really love mummy anymore. and I don't really love daddy anymore either sweetie." I smiled weakly at my daughter as she shook her head.

" That's not true mummy." She frowned.

" What sweetie?" I asked almost choking on my drink.

" Daddy loves mummy." she smiled.

" What are you talking about darling?" I asked putting my drink down.

" Daddy told me, he said. Your mummy and I fight a lot but we still love each other. Not the same as we used too, But I still love your mummy a lot." Diana recited smugly.

Niall tensed up beside me and I buried my head in my hands.

' Come on Diana, I think its time we go home." Niall smiled holding his hand out to my small daughter. I got up and held his other hand.

Diana ran ahead of us. We watched her carefully Niall held my waist and I rested my head on his shoulder.

" What is happening to us Niall?" I asked, tears brimming my eyes.

" I don't know but I think I know whats best for everyone and Diana." He whispered.

" Whats that Niall?" I asked frowning.

" Don't hit me, but, this is going to hurt me just as much. What if we broke up" I stopped and looked up at him.

" That way there wouldn't be tension in the group and Diana could have a stable family relationship." Niall suggested.

I nodded. " I am so sorry Niall." I whispered. Tears spilling down my cheeks.

" I know but its for the best." He smiled kissing my forehead. " I will always love you but... there will always be apart of you that will forever love Harry." He chuckled.

" I suppose your right." I smiled

" Course I am babe." He smirked running after Diana.

This is my life now. I have to put everything aside for Diana.


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