Marie left the boys four years ago. But why did she leave?
When Liam finds himself sitting on a plane next to Marie he immediately recognises why she left but doesn't let Marie know. When Marie agrees to stay with Liam over the holidays she doesn't understand what she's in for. Can Harry fix her broken heart and mend his mistake? Or does Niall get in first?


4. Suspicious

I ran inside Liam's house and walked upstairs. I opened the window in Diana and my room and looked out. My window was facing out over part of the roof. I pushed out the screen and climbed out onto the top of the roof.

It started to get dark and cold. I heard the boys arrive home. I could hear Diana's laugh echoing through the house. I was so proud of my baby girl.

I was focousing on the road when I heard my door open. I ignored it and plugged my iphone into my ears. I felt a hand on my back.
" Hey marie, you ok." Niall asked rubbing my back.
" I am now, thanks Ni. You know I missed you the most when I left."
"i'm so glad your back marie. You know, Diana is a sweet kid. she's like you so much."
" I wish she was your Ni." I smiled at him
" So who's is she then marie?"
" I cant say, sorry."
"Its cool baby girl."
"Thanks Ni." I hugged him. he grabbed a blanket and climbed onto the roof with me.
" i'm glad your here tonight Niallllll"
" Im glad I finally found you."
I started drifting off to sleep. Niall put my head on his shoulder.

He kissed my forehead and stroked my hair. I closed my eyes and drifted into a dreamless sleep.
I woke up in the morning in Niall's arms.

"Morning gorgeous" He whispered kissing my nose.
"hey leprechaun."
" Cute, just cute." he whispered shaking his head. I climbed out of bed and wandered into the shower. I quickly washed and climbed out.

I pulled on a pair of leggings. I grabbed my white singlet threw it on before pulling my yellow singlety type of shirt over the top. It flared out at the bottom.

I quickly pulled my navy blue cardigan on over the top. I matched it with a pair of yellow flats. I applied minimal makeup and walked out.
" Babe you look amazing." Niall whispered wrapping his arms around my waist.
" Thanks babe, Lets go check on my daughter."
" Ok but first, Marie. Will you be my girlfriend?"
" Oh Niall, yes, yes." I yelled jumping into his arms.
" Ok let's go down stairs now baby girl." He grabbed my hand and we walked downstairs.
We walked into the kitchen and everyone stopped and looked at us.
"Awwwwww my little marie lamby wamby has a boyfriend." Louis yelled hugging me.
" Ummmmm" Niall looked at me and I smiled at him. Louis let go of me so I went back over Niall.

He leaned down and kissed me on the lips before walking over to the fridge and getting a bottle of water. Harry walked up to me.
"Oh hey Harry...." He grabbed my arm pulling me outside "ok......" I spoke to myself.
" Marie look into my eyes and tell me Diana's not mine." I looked up into his green emerald globes. They looked so innocent. I looked up.
" Diana isn't......." I couldn't do it. " Ok im sorry harry im so sorry." I burst into tears.

" four years ago, when we were still together do you remember the night after one of your concerts. When we got back home."

" Yes marie." He urged me on.

" for the two weeks after that I threw up on numberous occasions. I knew, without a test. I was pregnant. I left. I couldn't bring you down. I couldn't face up to my mistake. I couldn't face you. I left. Nine months later. I went into labour. I drove myself to the hospital. With the help of the nurses and doctors and 4 hours of excoriating pain. I gave birth to Diana. She was perfect. She has your eyes and the moment that handed her to me. I knew I had to keep her. The nurse was going to take her to the nursery but she saw how well I was caring for her so she left her with me. I left the hospital two days later. I was alone. No one there to help me through sleepless nights and endless guilt that I wasn't doing well enough. But I knew I was going to be ok. She fell asleep listening to your albums and always watched you on TV."

" Oh my god. Marie im so sorry. I didn't know."
" No you didn't Harry, You happy now? I kept her from you for a reason. I did this for you. But I proud of my baby." I walked away from Harry. I walked into the lounge room and picked Delilah up.
" Morning baby girl. Lets go give you a bath."
" Okey mummy." She played with my hair.

I filed up the bath tub and helped Diana out of her pyjamas. I lifted her in and left her to wash behind her ears while I grabbed her clothes.
" Ok baby let's you dressed."
"Yes mummy." she stood on the floor in front of me and pulled on her underwear and her grey sweats.

I helped her pull on her peach top. She tucked it into her pants and brushed her hair. I knew we were all having a lazy day so I grabbed her pink ugg boots to go with it. 
" Her baby girl. Do you want your hair up?"
" Yes please mummy" I Pulled all her curls back into a ponytail and tied it there before tying a peach bow into the ponytail. She hugged my legs and ran downstairs.

I smiled at her before picking up all her dirty clothes and putting them in a basket. I made my bed and grabbed the mattress out from under the bed. I placed it on the floor over at the foot of my bed. I  made her bed and placed her peachy cat quilt on top.

I threw her pillow on top of it all and stood her suitcase up next to mine behind the door. I  followed my daughter downstairs to find her being tackled into a tickle fight with Niall.
" Mummmmmyy your boyfriend is attacking me." She squealed.
" Is he baby?"
" Niall you can release her now."
" Awww fine." He stood up and Delilah ran up to me.
" Hello baby. You want to go to Starbucks with mummy and Niall?"
"Yesses I want a baby chino."
" Ok lets go then baby." She grabbed my  purse and I grabbed Niall's hand.
" Marie, we're going public." Niall said looking at our entwined hands.
" We are aren't we?"
"Yes we are."
" Ahhhh mummy are you going to be like this mushy stuff the entireeee time?"
" Wow attitude." She smirked at me before running ahead. Snowflakes started falling so I grabbed Diana and pulled her into the closest shop.

Niall followed swift. I grabbed Diana's size in a winter coat, boots and a random scarf.
" Ok baby, pull this on please."
" Yes mummy." Niall helped Diana, while I pulled on a knee length blue jacket and a white scarf. I grabbed some black gloves and some mittens. I paid for it all. Niall grabbed his stuff and we walked out.
" Ok we're almost there baby girl." I called to Diana.

All of a sudden I felt a cold chill run down my back. I turned to see Niall throwing a snowball up and down.
" Oh you cheeky bastard." I picked up a snowball but before I could toss it at him.

I spotted a group of paps around Diana.
"Niall help." I turned to find him already running up to her. I followed him grabbing my beanie as I went. I pulled it on and grabbed Diana's hand.

We ran into starbucks still being chased.

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