Marie left the boys four years ago. But why did she leave?
When Liam finds himself sitting on a plane next to Marie he immediately recognises why she left but doesn't let Marie know. When Marie agrees to stay with Liam over the holidays she doesn't understand what she's in for. Can Harry fix her broken heart and mend his mistake? Or does Niall get in first?


1. Revealed?

Liam's POV

Marie has been gone for over 4 years now. I've spent all the time I can trying to track her down, no body seems to have seen her. The boys and I are currently on our final leg of our tour before we head back to our home towns for a break. I know Marie lives in England so I mean how hard can it be to find one girl in all of England. Cup of Tea right?

Harry wasn't himself for two years after Marie left but he seems to be back to normal at the moment. I know it was hard for him seeing as they were together for ages before she left. He blames himself and no matter how hard we all try to convince him it wasn't his fault, he never seems to believe it.

I waved a final goodbye to the audience before leaving the stage.

'Great concert boys. i'll see you after the break or at some stage in between'

' you got it liam'

' see yah buddy'

' bye guys I got a plane to catch'

I walked out the door with final goodbyes. I arrived at the airport and loaded my luggage onto the plane. As I find my seat, sitting next to me is a blonde about average height with a little girl sitting on her lap. I walk over to her and took my aisle seat.

' look mummy its liam out of 1D'

she whipped her head around and I recognised her immediately.

' MARIE. oh my how are you.' I asked looking her in the eye.

' me I'm alright, things are different but a good different. How are you and the boys?"

' Yeah we're good. Just finished this tour so im heading home for the break but then i'll probably meet up with the boys at some stage. What about you?"

'Just coming here for a holiday."

"Where you staying?"

" where ever is cheap enough'

'Ok how about you stay with me?"
" I don't know liam that is a lot to ask."
"Please marie its for the best. I want to catch up again."
" Ok Fine."
" Thankyou. Now who is this?"
" Liam this is Diana, Diana honey this Uncle Liam'

' hey Diana' now that she was looking at me I could see who she looked like. She had short brown curly hair and blue eyes.

' Hi Lyum." She whispered nervously.
"Marie, is she yours?"
" Yeah she is,"
" Who's is she, I didn't know you had a boyfriend."
" I don't and her dad doesn't know she exists."
" Oh, are you ever going to tell him?"
" I don't know. It could ruin his life. and im doing fine with Diana on my own."
" Ok but if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask."
' Thanks Li, I missed you." She said leaning over and giving me a hug.
" I missed you to Marie."


Diana had drifted off to sleep so marie and I were sitting and talking. No later she had fallen asleep and not long after, I had too. She had decided she would come stay with me till the boys come back and then she would go stay with her mum. I just wish she would accept everything i'd been offering her. But she seems to be doing well with her modelling and Law job at the moment cause she  doesn't seem to worried about money. I was proud of her. The seatbelt signed dinged letting us know to prepare for landing. I gently woke up Marie.
" Marie, we are about to land."
" Thanks Li" She rubbed her eyes before grabbing a blanket out of her bag and wrapping Diana in it. she strapped Diana back into her seat and prepared to land.

We landed and I carried Diana into the main part of the airport. We walked back outside to wave down a taxi. Marie walked with her head down, trying to keep hidden from the paps. They kept taking pictures of us as we walked and I knew marie was worried about what kind of stories would appear in the paper tomorrow. We headed back to my house and opened the door and standing in front of me were the boys.

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