Marie left the boys four years ago. But why did she leave?
When Liam finds himself sitting on a plane next to Marie he immediately recognises why she left but doesn't let Marie know. When Marie agrees to stay with Liam over the holidays she doesn't understand what she's in for. Can Harry fix her broken heart and mend his mistake? Or does Niall get in first?


2. Oh Dear....

Marie's POV

I looked at Liam, shocked written across both of our faces.

' mummy isn't that one direction?' Diana whispered in my ear.

' yes sweetie' I carried her outside to the car and whispered to her.

' baby I need you to call me marie ok?'

' but why mummy?" She asked tilting her head.
" Because they know me and I don't want them to know that you are my baby ok?"
"Yes mummy. will they do something bad?"
" I don't know baby girl."
" Ok i'll try."
' good girl if you can keep it up mummy will buy you a teddy bear or what ever you want.'

' yes Madame' she said saluting me.

I giggled and carried her back inside. I snuck in behind Liam and whispered in his ear.

' to them she's my niece she's calling me Marie, go it?'

' got it'

' hi guys' I whispered nervously

' Marie?'

' yeah?'

' MARIE' all the boys tackled me into a hug while Diana stood there looking at them funny.

I took Diana upstairs and tucked into Liam's bed.

' night honey'

' night mummy'

I kissed her head before walking out and closing the door. I walked down stairs and looked at the boys sitting on the couch. I ran and jumped onto all of them. my head in harry's lap, my butt in louis' and my feet on Niall.

' hey sweet cheeks' Harry said looking at the boys.

' 1...2...3 PUSH' Niall screamed at the boys. the next thing I knew I was one the floor looking up at them. I turned over and pouted into the carpet. before I had any time to protest I felt two hands grab me and turn me over.

'Marie who is the kid?'

' aww umm that's my niece' I say flashing them a please don't see through this lie type of smile.

' aww really she looks an awful lot like you and you said you don't have any brothers or sisters. whats going on marie?' harry asked.

" My dad remarried and his wife as a daughter older then me so she asked me to look after her daughter while she's in Sweeden.'
"Ok," Harry turned back to Louis.

I looked at Liam he just shook his head and gave me a look saying do you have any idea what your getting yourself into. I smiled back weakly. I walked upstairs and climbed into bed with Diana.

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