Marie left the boys four years ago. But why did she leave?
When Liam finds himself sitting on a plane next to Marie he immediately recognises why she left but doesn't let Marie know. When Marie agrees to stay with Liam over the holidays she doesn't understand what she's in for. Can Harry fix her broken heart and mend his mistake? Or does Niall get in first?


3. Morning

I woke up to find Diana asleep in my arms. I kissed her forehead before getting up and getting dressed. I settled on a pair of black shorts and a blue frill shirt. I tucked the shirt in before waking Diana up.

' hey sweet cheeks lets get you dressed'

' yes marie'

I carried her over to the bathroom where I helped her change into a navy blue skirt with a white and red stripped top.

' there we go munchkin'

' thanks mummy, I mean marie'

' good girl your doing well. I love you'

' I love you to'

we walked down stairs to find Liam had made pancakes and all the boys had already dug in. I walked over to Louis and grabbed a pancake from his plate before putting it on another plate for Diana. I handed it to her before lifting her up into a seat at the island bench.

' thanks marie'

' your welcome' I patted her head.

' MARIE you stole my pancake, you will now feel the incredible wrath of the TOMMO' Louis yelled striking a pose.

' im sorry Louis im just not feeling it' I whispered looking at him like an idiot.

' fine i'm just not an evil person'

I walked over to Louis and whispered in his ear.

' wanna pull a prank on the boys tomorrow morning?'

' yeah?'

' good we will have to be up around 6.00am though'

' deal we gonna be evil hahahaha'

' yeah ok' I said looking at him. I grabbed my own breakfast before talking to the boys about taking Diana to the closest park.
I grabbed my purse and Diana's water bottle before walking out the door holding her hand.
" Oi  boys walk ahead with Diana, We are going to have a talk."
" awww liam is this cause I stole Louis' pancake this morning?"
" Yes it is!" 
As we walked it was silent while I watched the others muck around with her. I noticed Diana seemed to have a sweet spot for Harry.

'Marie, Is her dad in this band?"
" Yes li, He daddy is somewhere there with them right now."
"so you don't know who it is?"
" I have some idea but I don't want to say anything."
" Ok well what ever happens im willing to support you I just hope you wont leave if they find out. im sure if one of them is her dad they'll want to stay in her life no doubt'

' if they start to think shes my daughter ill say shes someone else's kid. simple'

' I don't think it will be that simple but ok. come on lets go catch up to them.'

we ran to catch up with the rest of the boys who were already on the playground. The boys were playing chasey with her so I went and sat down on the swing. Harry Joined me not long after.

' she looks a lot like you, you know'

' yeah I know I think that's weird'

' I don't. I know shes your daughter marie, there was a story about you not long after you left saying that people thought you were pregnant. I didn't believe them cause well I knew you'd stay with us if it was one of ours right. but seeing as you didn't stay with us id assumed it was someone else's child'

' I left because I was pregnant' I got up and walked away leaving him to think about what id said.

' Liam im heading home, im not feeling too well' I walked off quickly and back down the road we'd came.

' marie wait' I slowed down only a little bit and let Harry catch up to me

" is she one of ours?"
I kept walking only faster now. " Marie wait." Harry yelled grabbing my arm.
"What Harry?"
" Tell me whos she is."
" No Harry I don't want to say anything."
" Fine but i'll find out you know that right!"
" What ever Harry, You cant tell me what to do, your not my boyfriend" I shouted at him through my tears.
" I will be eventually. You'll love me again."
I pulled my arm away from his grip and ran down the street.


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