Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


13. What I Want

I still couldn't wipe the wide toothy smile off my face. I was so glad Harry was finally, mine. We were now currently walking back along the path to Harry's car. Neither of us spoke a word just silently walking hand in hand. 
I gasp loudly jumping back slightly when a tall brunette man appears from the pathway beside me, Harry's hand tightens in my own as he protectively pulls me close. My heart begins to pound loudly as my eyes darted around noticing three more men. 
"H-Harry.." I whisper looking up to him. He keeps his eyes on the one coming towards us on the pathway. Harry's jaw tightened and I couldn't help but notice how beautiful his jaw line was. I mean what? Beth, someone could be hurt right now! 
I snap my self back to reality as Harry pulls me in even closer and takes a firm stand slightly ahead of myself. 
"Harry mate!" A familiar voice chuckles. 
"What do you want Nic?" Harry spits. I flinch at the mention of his name. As thoughts of the night rush back. How he roughly pulled me from the cupboard, when his forceful punch hit my face making my stumble over, how much hate was in his voice, but most of all how much Harry had scared me. 
"Aw Harry. Harry Harry Harry. We both know what I want." He smirks. "And if you don't give that to me.... I might just take have to take pretty over here with me. Hmm?" Nic rises his hand and clicks twice. Before I know it two pairs of hands wrap tightly around my upper arm. I hiss in pain as they drag me back, I reach out for Harry but I'm not quick enough. 
"Beth!" He stepped toward me. 
"Uh uh Harry!" Nic presses. 
"Don't you dare touch her!" Harry spits grimly.
"We won't as long as you give us what we want Harry." He explains blankly.
"I have nothing on me right now!" Harry admits.
"Then we take the girl until you can give me want I want!" Nic yells back firmly.
"Like hell you will!" I scream out lifting my right leg and violently jolting my foot into the groin of the man to my left and throwing my closed fist into the face of the other man, but unfortunately that didn't go as planned. He caught my fist twisting it to the right forcing me to turn around with my back to him so he could grab hold of my waist making it impossible for me to escape his grip. 
"You stupid bitch!" Nic laughs but there is clear annoyance in his voice. "Bring her! Let's go." Nic adds. 
Harry launches forward at the man, who had hold of my arm and his other around my waist, smashing a firm fist into the man's face. 
"Don't. Fucking. Touch. Her!" Harry yelled pounding his face harder between words. The guys grip loosened around me I slipped free from his arms and ran towards Harry. Harry out-stretched his arms as I came closer gesturing a hug. 
"Are you ok-" I grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him with me as I began to sprint up the path tugging Harry close behind. I could picture Harry's shocked face when I rejected the hug. Adrenaline pumped through my body. We had to get out of there right then. 
I could see Harry's car up a head, I kept running not wanting to look back. I completely ignored Harry. He kept mumbling things but I tuned him out and concentrated on getting the two of us back and safe to his car.
We ran into the car park the gravel crumbled loudly under our feet. I scanned the car park and ran towards Harry's car. 
"Keys" I heard Harry mutter before fumbling around in his pocket. 
My breathe hitched my heart somehow managed to race faster and I got sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. 
"Harry." I whisper quietly. Freezing where I was and pulling Harry to a stop also. 
"W-What?" He panted. I didn't say another word I just pointed. Harry looked in the direction I was pointing, Harry basically let out a low growl when he saw the tall dark figure the opposite end of the car park standing there, staring

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