Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


14. Trust Issues

I crouched down behind the white Holden to my left, reaching out and pulling Harry with me as I did so. I was bound to have a heart attack soon, that or my heart was going to rip its way from my chest.. Wait what? I shook my head, shaking the odd thought from my mind. I began to crawl around the car and back to Harry's. 
"Harry, keys." I whisper. "Harry!" I say again impatiently, I turn on my heals to be faced with no one. 
"Harry! Oh god, please no." I say crawling back to the white Holden. I take in a deep breathe and peak around the side of the car, to my relief I see Harry sitting by the car. 
"Harry!" I exhale deeply. He jumps a little as his mop of curls wobbles on his head when he turned to look at me. 
"It's just you." He closes his eyes and calms his breathing. 
"Harry follow me." I say tugging his shirt. I lead the way back to his car. "Keys." I mutter. 
"No I'll drive." He protests. 
"Harry! Keys!" I say angrily furrowing my eyebrows. Harry sighs and gives in, passing me the keys. 
My breath hitches as I see two men in the reflection of the window coming up the path to the car park. 
I unlock the car and Harry and I climb in at the same time. I fumble with the key trying to get it in the ignition, but struggle with my shaky hands. Finally I get it and I quickly start the car and begin reversing out the car park. I push it into drive and accelerate towards the exit where the man from earlier still stood. I cant help but laugh when I realise he wasn't even facing us this man was no threat at all.
The man who looked to be in his 70s turned around and mouthed an apology as he stepped away. I smile and wave before I look back towards the road. I curse as I realise there is a car behind me, Nic's car. 
I dangerously pull out and onto the road not caring about other traffic.  

"Harry what now?! Where do we go?" I yell angrily. I hear Harry let out a low sigh.

"Just drop me home." He says blankly.

"What so they can break into your house and kill you? Harry forget it we are staying together." Harry drops his head in his hands.

"I'm sorry." Harry whispers.

"What the fuck was it all about anyway Harry?" I raise my voice once again. He shakes his head not wanting to reply.

"Harry answer me god damit!" A tear trailed down my flushed red cheeks.

"Beth I'm not worth your tears, please don't cry." Harrys soothing begged, the tears didn't stop. "Beth.."

"Why don't you trust me Harry? Why can't you tell me things?" I pulled my car in front of my house behind Harry's.

"I do trust you Beth!" He struggled to find words.

"What ever Harry, I'm sick of the lies." I say turning off the car and getting out. "Come back when you can trust me." I spat slamming the car door shut, storming inside.

"Hey Beth!" Gyp sang as I walked in. Niall was sat next to her on the couch and Lylac, Zayn, Liam and Louis were laying about on the floor.

"Are you okay?" Liam asked.

"Fucking amazing!" I yell sarcastically walking off.

"Bethany!" Gyp called.


Niall's P.O.V:

I pushed myself off the couch and walked over to the windows. I drew the curtains back and scanned for Harry. I stopped when I spotted his slump figure in the passenger side of Beth's car. Head in hands, I don't know what happened but Harry barely ever gets like this.

I step back letting the curtains fall free again and walk over to the door.

Harry doesn't look up when I pull his door open.

"Harry mate." I try to get his attention. He just grunts in reply.

"Harry come inside, tell me what happened." I nudge him.

He slowly get out of the car and we head inside and go sit on the stools in the kitchen.

"So what happened?" I ask


Authors note: Wow I feel like that was a horrible chapter I'm so sorry, I've been so shitty lately and ugh that was so shit. 
I'll try and update more too. 
If you have any ideas for the movella kik me: Gyp3011 
Do it give me ideas on how to make it less horrible and unreadable? xx



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