Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


12. The Fair

It's been a few days since what happened, I was still curious as to how Harry knew the guy. I shook the thought from my mind not wanting to ruin the night Harry had planned.
Harry parked the car and got out running to my side to open the door for me. I thanked him as he nodded smiling. 
"So can I know where we are going yet?" I ask impatiently.
"Hold on Bethany!" He said tapping my nose with his index finger. I giggled and took hold of his hand. Harry's green eyes looked down at our locked fingers and he smiled sweetly before looking back up to me. I swung my hand back and forth in large movements between us pulling his along with mine. He laughed at me as I continued to swing our entwined hands. After a while of walking I could see a fair in the distance. I looked at Harry in excitement. 
"We are going to the fair?" I asked? 
"Yeah." He smiled his dimples popped from his cheeks. I smiled and began to swing our hands again. I noticed Harry staring at me before I became aware that I was humming the tune of 'what makes you beautiful'. I dropped his hand as I looked away embarrassed. 
"Don't stop." Harry laughed. I didn't say anything I just kept walking. Harry wrapped his arm around me pulling me to his side as he sang the lyrics lowly. 
It didn't take much longer until we made it to the fair. I pulled out my purse to buy my ticket but Harry pushed my hand away and paid the lady. I crossed my arms and sighed he ignored me and led the way though the gates. We line up for the Farris wheel. In no time we climb up and into the seats of the ride clipping ourselves in. Harry entwines our fingers and pulls me in close as I rest my head on him as we are slowly lifted into the air. No words are said just the gentle echoes of passing vehicles in the city. I smile as we are finally are at the top and looking over the whole city, the city lights flicker in the warm night air. 
"Beautiful isn't it?" Harry's voice hums. 
"It's amazing." I smile pulling my phone from my pocket and taking a photo of the view. 
"Beth?" Harry asks hesitantly.
"Mmm?" I hum back.
"I'd just like to say I'm glad we're okay again. You mean the world to me and I'd like to give 'us' a name." He stops and looks at me. "I guess what I'm trying to say is would you be my girlfriend?" He asks nervously playing with his fingers.
"Of course Harry." I say smiling. I look up at him as I take hold of either side if his jacket and pull his down close to my face smashing my lips into his kissing him passionately. He pulls away slightly.
"Finally." He breathes.
"What?" I ask confused.
"You know how long I've been waiting to kiss you?!" I laugh at him before his presses his lips on mine once more.

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