Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


7. The Brown Haired Boy

Harry had text me asking if the girls and I wanted to come to a party at his tonight. With no hesitation I accepted the invitation and informed the girls. 
"Girls get ready we are going to a party at Harry's tonight." I said to them entering the kitchen. 
"Oh really?" Gyp questioned. 
"Yes, Niall and Zayn will be there. Do not worry." I laughed knowing that was the answer she hoped for. 
She smiled and left to go get ready. 
In about an hour the girls were all ready, we were all in dresses, more make-up than usual and hair perfect. 
I smiled at them and encouraged them out the door following them closely shutting the door and placing the key under the plant pot by the door. 
As we pulled up in the driveway there were cars everywhere along the street. The music loud almost shaking the house. The front door was wide open the girls and myself walked in. There were people everywhere the atmosphere hot and intense. Gyp was to my right and Lylac to me left. A tall blonde guy with a cute smile reached over taking firm hold of Gyp's upper arm. 
"Ew, get the fuck off me!" Gyp spat while plying herself free of his grip, he stared blankly before dancing once again to the music. I reached across and squeezed her hand in attempt to comfort her and she smiled back in return. 
to strong arms wrapped round me waist pulling me tightly against the strong figure.
"What the fuck?" I shouted. A deep familiar chuckle echoed in my ear. Harry. "Oh my gosh Harry! You scared the shit out of me. Never do the again!" I screeched. He span me around in his hands and placed a kiss on my cheek.
"Hey babe." I tighten up as he says it. I mean it was cute and all it just didn't sound right, but I smile back anyway and he seems convinced. "Niall and Zayn are here somewhere." Harry smirks at Gyp and Lylac. They smile back as Harry leads me away from them. I wave and smile and they return the gesture. 
"Want to dance?" Harry asks looking down at me. 
"Sure." I smile. Harry offers his hand and begins to weave though hot sweaty bodies all swaying to the beat. We dance for a while our bodies close moving in sync. As the song finishes Harry leads me back through the people. 
"Want a drink?" he asks wiping droplets of sweat off his forehead. 
"Um.. Yeah okay." I paused not wanting to drink to much. 
"I'll be right back wait here." He said poking my nose I giggle as I watch the mop of curls disappear into the crowd of bodies. 
I jump as a deep voice sounds from behind me.
"Hey love." I turn around to see a tall brown haired boy, dark brown eyes and a smirk spread across his lips as he watched me hungrily. 
"Hi." I responded quietly. I wasn't the type to shy down around guys normally but he scared me a lot, his eyes were so dark. So, unexplainable. His eyes scanned up and down my body as I watched him cautiously.
He stepped forward slowly as I stepped back. 
"Babe come on?" He said tilting his head to the side. I began to get frightened. I just wanted to shout but I didn't want to make a scene. I didn't need to make a scene. 
He stepped closer once again and I tried to step back but I couldn't bring myself to do so. Instead I stood frozen my body tense. Why was I so scared of him? 
He stepped closer again. This time our bodies so close they were touching. His breath hot on my neck. I closed my eyes tightly. Where was Harry, why is he taking so long?! 
"What the fuck do you think you're doing mate!?" A deep raspy voice yelled over the music before I felt the brown haired boy pulled away from me. 
"Haz mate. We were just talking! It's cool." The boy swung his hand around Harry's shoulder, but Harry pushed it away. 
"You need to go now." I found myself say as I stepped in between the two boys. I was shocked in my sudden confidence to speak up, but I knew if I didn't this guy would be on the ground quite soon. 
Not another word was said, both guys walked away not even taking note of me.
"Harry." I called grabbing his hand, but he just ripped it away and continued walking not looking back. 
I stood there in shock as I watched him walk away and I felt a tear trail down my cheek. I wiped it away quickly before pushing through more people to find Gyp or Lylac, someone. 
I stood in the middle of people different groups surrounded me. I turned a few times on the spot scanning the room looking for at least on familiar face but there was nothing, no one. 
I freeze as a hand lands on my shoulder spinning me around. 
"Beth are you okay?" Gyp says worried. Thank god, it's only Gyp.
"Where's Harry?" Niall added in as he stood beside Gyp. 
"Long story." I say sadly. 
"Beth were is he? What happened?" Niall pushes obviously worried. 
"Harry went to get me a drink and while he was gone some guy tri-" I began to explain before Niall sighed. 
"I need to find Harry I'll be back soon." Niall kissed Gyp on the cheek before walking away she blushed. 
We found Lylac and Zayn sitting outside on the grass. They greeted us as we sat down, we talked with them for about and hour. 
"What's everyone doing?" Gyp asked pointing at all the people who were trying to make their way to the back of the house. 
Niall appeared in the door way. 
"Zayn, need your help man. It's ah, it's Harry." Niall said looking at me then back to Zayn. 
"Oh okay." Zayn stood up quickly and ran to Niall as they made their way back inside. 
Without saying anything I stood up and followed them. 
"Gyp!" I heard the girls call but I ignored them I needed to make sure Harry was okay. 
"Excuse me... Ah sorry.... Pardon me."  I said pushing my way through everyone as I made me way towards the back door of the house. The music was still loud but no one was moving to the music, in fact the air almost seemed quite. 
I made my way into the back yard and found what the attraction was Harry and the brown haired boy from earlier. Harry could barely stand it was clear he was drunk. 
I pushed through so I could see. Harry caught me gaze his eyes were so dark he wasn't Harry at all. 
Harry's jaw clenched and he looked back to the brown haired boy. He tightened his fist and hurled it into the other guys jaw causing the guy to stagger back and slam into the ground. 


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