Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


10. Something I said ?

 I woke up with Harry's strong arm around me. His fingertips dug into my hip, not quite enough to hurt. I looked over to Harry, his eyebrows were furrowed in anger. I ran my finger tips across his chest in different patterns as his facial expression softened I felt his fingertips become lighter on my skin. I looked over to the clock on his beside and noticed it was 11.30. I could hear dishes clattering softly and low talking.
I placed my hand on Harry's gently and began to pull it off. I had enough room to get out and I began to shuffle away. I let out a loud cry as his arm snaked around me once again and pulled me back to his side. Harry's deep chuckle erupted in the room as he saw my shocked facial expression.
"Harry." I whined hitting his chest with my palm.
"Ouch!" He pouted.
"That didn't hurt." I said turning my head away. He cupped my chin turning my head to face him. He pressed a soft kiss on my nose as I giggled he set another on my cheek, then another on my forehead, one on my chin and a few quick ones across my cheeks. "Harryyy!" I giggled trying to push him away, but he was much stronger than me so instead I flipped onto my stomach and smashed my face into the pillow giggling hysterically. I felt Harry's weight push down as he laid beside me, I turned my head a little to peak at him with one eye. He watched me carefully a smirk planted on his lips. I turned my head fully as he propped himself up on his elbows, reaching across to poke my stomach.
"No." I frowned. He just laughed.
"Are you hungry?" He asked.
"Yes." I reply simply. He laughed and flicked the duvet off and climbed out. I followed his actions.
"Do you want a shower?" He asked. I thought before replying.
"Yes please." I smiled and he did the same. He went over to his wardrobe and pulled out a pair of sweats and a plain black shirt.
"Here." He said adding a towel to the pile also.
"Thankyou Harry." I kissed his cheek and walked past him to the bathroom. I didn't have a long shower just enough to freshen up a little. I pulled on the sweats and rolled the waist band until they were manageable and pulled the shirt over my head. I twirled the right end of the top and tucked it in to the pants the I rolled the sleeves. I tied my hair in a high pony tail and cleaned the smudged make-up from under my eyes. I stepped back. Happy with how I looked in these circumstances. I left the bathroom with my folded clothes and wet towel. Harry was sat at the end of his bed kicking his foot on the carpet I closed the door causing him to look up at me. He smiled scanning my body.
"You look fit!" He smirked. I didn't reply I just giggled. "Come on then." He said walking towards the door. I dropped my clothes on the end of his bed and towel in the laundry before joining him. We went downstairs and into the kitchen.
"Morning Haz! Oh." Louis stopped and looked at me. I felt really uncomfortable all of a sudden, like I needed Louis' approval to be here. "Good morning Beth." He smiled nicely and I returned the gesture relief rushing through me.
"Good morning." Harry and I spoke at the same time. Louis just laughed.
Harry made breakfast and we went to sit in the living room.
"Morning." All the boys said as we entered the room.
"This is the first time you have been out of your room in a week man!" Zayn laughed.
"Yeah, we are glad you are back Beth!" Niall agreed.
"Oh whatever guys." Harry said flinging a pillow at them both. We sat down and ate.
"So you stayed last night?" Niall nudged my side. I looked at him with a glare and he just laughed.
"Did you get it on!?" Zayn said dragging out the 'n' in on. I choked on my bacon a little before I started laughing at him. Harry didn't seem as amused he just stared at Zayn.
"No. We didn't do anything." Harry said blankly.
"Mhmm. Yep." Zayn replied with a smirk.
"Zayn leave them alone." Liam yelled not looking away from the television.
"Thankyou Liam." I say and he just smiles and nods at me.
"Sorry Liam." Zayn says soon mouthing 'liars' to Harry and myself. I roll my eyes at him and Harry just ignores it. "What are Gyp and Lylac doing?" Niall asks.
"I don't know, aren't you talking to Gyp?" I ask.
"No she hasn't been replying since last night." Niall says sadly. I look across to Harry in panic, what if they have been looking for me?! Harry sets his hand on my knee.
"It's okay." He says staring into my eyes.
"I should go." I say standing up.
"Was it something I said?" Niall asked, but I continued walking to the kitchen to put my plate in the dishwasher. Harry follows me closely.
"I'll go get my clothes." I say walking out towards Harry's room. I feel two large hands run up and down my sides.
"I'm sure everything is fine." He whispered kissing my neck. I continued to walk up the stairs collecting my things and heading for the door.
"Bye boys!" I called to them.
"Bye Beth!" They all called back. Harry followed me to the car and I got in. I rolled down the window so I could say goodbye.
"Text me when you get home." He said. I nodded and reversed out the driveway. Harry just stood there watching me as I left. I smiled to myself, turned on the radio and sang the lyrics loudly.

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