Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


5. Serious

"Knock knock." A deep raspy voice sounded from outside. I looked at the girls we were all smiling wildly. We all walked towards the door as I reached out for the handle Gyps voice sounded from behind me. 
"No we can't all answer the door that's weird!" She said dragging Lylac back to the living room. I laughed at her and slowly opened the door. A mop of curly hair poked through the door way a massive dimpled smile planted on his face. 
"All ready to... Wow!" He interrupted himself as his eyes scanned along my body. I blushed wildly. "You look amazing." He said setting a kiss on my cheek. 
"Are they here?" Gyp said walking towards us. Acting neutral. 
"Gyp both you and I know you already knew that. 'No we can't all answer the door that's weird'." Harry mimicked her. She looked a little embarrassed but that look of embarrassment faded when a loud Irish accent called us.
"Come on ladies, I'm stavin'!" His voice echoed in the room. 
"You heard the Irish lad! Let's go!" Gyp said collecting her clutch and phone and heading out the door quickly. She was eager to see Niall that was obvious. Harry let out a small chuckle and followed Gyp out the door pulling me along side him and Lylac followed close behind as we made our way down to the car. We all got into the car. 
"Hello!" Niall greeted cheerfully. 
"Hi" We all said back at the same time. we laughed a little being the immature people we are.
"So where are we off too?" Niall asked looking over to Harry. 
"Wait and see." He replied starting the engine and pulling out and onto the road.
"Hazza mate, eyes on the road." Niall said, I looked up to see Harry peering at me through the revision mirror, I shyly looked way and stared out the window. Lylac's elbow tapped my side twice and I could tell the two girls would have seen it and were now giggling childishly over it. I rolled my eyes but didn't turn around to look at them. 
We pulled up to a fancy looking restaurant. 
"Wow Harry!" I gasped. He smiled as he switched off the ignition and turned to look at me. Harry got out and opened the door for me and Niall did the same for Gyp on the opposite side. 
"My lady." He said taking a bow I giggled and smiled. 
We walked into the restaurant following Niall and Harry. 
"Yeah Nialler! Over here!" Said a voice from behind me. I turned around to see Zayn. He looked really nice. Jeans, a plain top and a leather jacket over it all. All three of the boys looked nice, all similar in the choice of clothing. I smile as I felt Harry's fingers entwine with my own as he pulled me along and sat down at the table. 
"You girls look lovely!" Zayn said as we sat down at the table. 
"Why thank-you!" Lylac said taking a seat beside him. 
"Not to shabby yourself." She winked giggling at herself. Harry looked at me confused.
"You'll get use to that. She is hardly ever serious." I assured them. 
"Hey! I'm very serious." She crossed her arms and pouted as I hummed a 'mhmm'. Niall laughed at her, a smile tugging at her cheeks. She began to giggle when he poked her side. 
"Don't." She growled, becoming serious once again.  Niall just laughed and faced Zayn.
"Did you give Louis the.. The ah the stuff?" He seemed a little lost for words almost as if he didn't want to say too much.
"Boy's talk about that shit later. Not here!" Harry said sharply. 
"Oh ah sorry Haz." Niall said. What are they talking about, I'd ask but Harry snapped when Niall mentioned it and I wasn't sure that it was the best idea to push Harry. 



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