Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


15. Not Again

"Nic" Harry said venomously.

"We ran into Nic he wanted the money, he said he'd take Beth if he didn't get what he wanted and he'd keep her until he got the money we got away though but Beth hates me she thinks I don't trust her because I didn't tell her what happened she hates me Niall!" Harry blurts out without a breath in between words.

"I'm sure she'll come around mate!" I say cheerily in hope to cheer him up.

"I have to tell her Niall." He says. No he can't. No no, if he does that then the girls won't speak to us again. Gyp will hate me, she means to much to me to just watch walk right out of my life.

"No Haz. Bad idea mate." I say.

"No Niall! You don't understand. I've nearly lost her once before I can't let that happen again!" Harry raised his voice.

"Harry we are going to lose those girls if we tell them! I can't fucking handle not having Gyp around and I doubt you could without Beth! I'm not going to fucking watch her walk out of my life. I'm not!" I yell angrily.

"What and you think they will stay around if we aren't telling them what they want to know!? You think they're going to let something like this slip by?! Niall are you fucking serious! Nic won't stop until he gets his way! This issue isn't going to disappear the girls want answers and without them they're gone! I can't lose her again!" He stopped and took in a deep breath. "I can't. Not again." He whispered. We stood in silence for a minute.

"Uh okay." I sigh. "You're right, but I can't tell Gyp right now, I'm going home. I'll tell her tomorrow." I say walking out of the room and collecting Zayn, not even looking at the girls and then straight out the door to my car.

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