Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


11. Nic

I pulled up in the drive way, getting out and walking up the small gravel path and to the door. Lifting the pot up and grabbing the keys. I fiddled with the key until it unlocked the door. I placed the key back under the pot and walked in. I walked into the lounge seeing no one. I walked down to the hall hearing small voices.
"No please!" I heard Gyp cry out.
"Shut up!" A deep voice spat. As I saw their shadow coming closer to the door, I swung open the cupboard at the end of the hall and climbed in. I quietly closed the door and peaked through the gap in the small closet door. A tall dark haired man walked down the hall his face wasn't familiar at all. He was about to walk past but stopped. My breathing hitched and my heart pounded. His hand reached up for the handle. I closed my eyes tight.
"Oi man! Come 'ere!" Another voice yelled. His hand froze and he looked away. He hesitated before he continued to walk towards the voice. I breathed in relief and pulled my phone from my pocket. My shaky fingers dialled Harry's number.

"Hey Beth!" He answered cheerily.
"H-Harry." I whispered.
"Beth what's wrong?" He asked he's voice becoming serious.
"There are people in the house." I whisper again.
"What? Where are you now?" He asked trying to stay calm. He's breathing heavy, as I could hear him run through the house.
"I'm in the hallway cupboard. I'm scared Harry." I explained my voice wobbled.
"Stay put Beth we will be there soon enough." He says calmly.
"Okay." A quiet sob escapes my lips.
"Beth it's going to be okay." He assured. "Just stay put."
"Hurry." I say. The cupboard door swings open.
"Look what we have here!" A short but stronger built guy grabs my arm. I throw my phone aside in hope they don't notice. He's grip is so tight I screw my face up in pain. "You're a pretty one." He's rough fingers brush across my cheek.
"Don't!" I spit squatting his hand away.
"Oo feisty. The best kind!" He chuckles. He pushes me down the hallway and to the far room that I heard Gyp yell from earlier. He pushes me in letting go of my arm. "Beth! Oh god." Gyp and Lylac cry. They were sat in chairs arms and feet tied together. "Sit!" He demands pointing to a chair. I do as I'm told. As he comes closer I swing my foot up and kick him in the stomach nearly knocking him over. I stand up ripping the rope from his hands. He stumbles forward in hope to grab me but I manage to trip him over and he tumbles forward face first. I sit on his back and tie his hands together behind his back.
"You slut. Get the fuck off me!" He wriggles.
"What the fuck?" Another voice growls angrily from behind me. I spin around as his right hand hits my jaw with lots of force. I cry out from the impact, pain rushing through my face.
"You bitch!" He yells again this time pulling a knife from his pocket.
"No!" Gyp screams.
"You shut your mouth!" He spits again. The guy launches himself at me knife in hand. My heart pounded in my chest, so many thoughts rushed through my mind and I prepared myself for the worst. I tightly closed my eyes, but nothing. Nothing happened. I squinted and looked through one eye.
"Wha- Harry!" I yelled. Harry had the guy in a head lock. I shot up off the ground grabbing the knife from his hands before another hit was taken to my nose. I stumbled back in pain holding my nose. I winced as blood poured from my nose. I heard a crash and looked up to see the guy slammed against the wall before Harry threw multiple punches at his face mumbling something about touching me. Harry threw him to the ground.
"Harry mate." He says. Harry knew him?
"I'm going to give you 10 seconds and I want the two of you out of here. Got it Nic?" Harry spat. Without another word he, who I'm guessing was Nic, sprawled off the floor and ran out of the room dragging the other guy with him. Harry turned to me. His eyes dark. I've never liked this Harry. I spun around and untied Gyp and Lylac as we embraced in a hug. Harry stood there awkwardly. When I looked at him this time his eyes were the emerald green. I ran up and wrapped my arms around him. Sobbing into his chest. He pulled away and cupped my chin in his hand to get a better look and my face examining it.
"Let's get you cleaned up?" He said his strong arm wrapped around my waist and he led me to the bathroom.

"How did you manage to get him on the ground!?" Louis' eyes widened. I laughed.
"I'm just that good." I say cockily. They laugh with me. "But we are lucky Harry came for the rescue." I add smiling up at him. We were all sat around the lounge room.
"I'm just glad you are all okay." Niall said kissing the top of Gyp's head. I smiled as she blushed.
"Well we are going to order pizza. You boys interested?" Lylac asked getting up and dialling the number.
"Sure!" Niall said smiling. We order the pizza and place few mattresses down. The mattresses covered the floor of the lounge room and it reminded me of a 12 year olds sleepover party. I fall asleep next to Harry just glad today didn't turn for the worst and no one got hurt.

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