Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


3. Nando's

"Who. Who was that?" Gyp asked her hazel eyes beaming at me own. 
"Um. It was Harry actually." I said looking back down to the phone. 
"What did he say?" Lylac asked confused. 
"That he would stay away and he was sorry for all the hate we're getting." I said looking back up at them.
"Oh." Gyp said with a blank face. "Well I think we should go get some food? Shall we go out for dinner?" She asked. 
"Yeah I'm starving!" Lylac agreed. 
"You're always starving Lylac." Gyp said bluntly while I stifled a laugh. Lylac grinned. 
"Well get changed we'll leave soon?" She questioned leaving the room. 
We got into the car and began to drive around searching for somewhere to eat. 
"Not McDonalds." Lylac said as we passed the big yellow 'M'. 
"Nandos?" Gyp questioned. 
"Yeah? Why not?" Lylac agreed. 
"Sounds good." I added.
We parked the car and entered the restaurant. We ordered our food and went to a booth down the back of the restaurant. 
The waiter came with our drinks while we waited for our food. 
Gyp did her normal, made jokes that were terrible but that's how she is, and Lylac waited impatiently for her meal. 
We sat there laughing together and smiling as we waited, talking about things memories, people everything and anything, until Gyp and Lylac's face dropped as they looked behind me. Confused I turned around to see five familiar boys entering. Harry's smirk instantly fell as we made eye contact, it was quite obvious he was mentally kicking himself as he looked to the ground. 
The five boys followed a tall skinny blonde waiter to the back room which I'm guessing was for 
celebrities. Harry avoided eye contact as we walked past and Niall must have noticed what was up as he looked towards me to then wink at one of the girls behind me. I smiled before turning around to face the girls. 
"Who-" I began, before over hearing Harry excuse himself to go to the rest room. 
Both Gyp and Lylac looked at me with and encouraging look I hesitated before getting up and following Harry down the hall to the toilets. 
"Harry." I breathed. He spun around to face me.
"Beth look I said I was sorry okay!? There's not much else I can do. You couldn't begin to understand how terrible I feel. I'm angry enough at myself I don't need to be yelled at by you to add on to it. I know I said I would stay away, I didn't know you'd be hear I promise. I'm really sorry okay?!" He raised his voice, but not enough for anyone else to hear. 
"Harry! Would you take the chance to listen to me!? You keep apologizing you keep saying you will stay away, but I never asked for that. Have I never said I wanted that? Because I don't recall it at all." I snapped back. He just stared for a while before a smirk appeared on his lips. "What?" I asked confused.
"You're cute when you're angry." He smiled again. "I'll pick you up tomorrow then, 7pm." He said.
"Um.. Well."  I said surprised at how quickly he changed. 
"No love, I'm telling you not asking." He said laughing. 
"But I'm here with my friends I would fell bad leaving them." I stated. 
"That's fine. I have single friends." He smirked again. I laughed and agreed before walking away. 
I sat back down in the booth a massive grin planted on my lips. The girls fired questions at me and I giggled. 
"Beth! What happened spill!" Gyp commanded. I told them as much as I could recall before our food came.
Tomorrow should be good. I smiled to myself. 


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