Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


9. Messy

It had been a week since I had seen or heard from Harry. Yeah Niall and Zayn still come around to see the girls but never Harry. 
I had begun to feel guilty about the whole thing like he did apologise and he did seem sincere, but that had nothing to do with it. Harry scared me that night. He scared me a lot. He was uncontrollable, I mean what if he hurt someone? What if he hurt Me? What if he hurt.. Lylac or Gyp? I shiver thinking about it. 
"Beth?" Gyp cut me from my thoughts. 
"Sorry?" I asked looking across the table at her and Lylac. 
"I..Well we think it's about time you talk to Harry. Or at least tell us what's happening?" Lylac said. I looked down at my milkshake and the straw I was twirling. 
"We are worried about you. We miss the happy Beth." Gyp added reaching across and squeezing my hand. Maybe I should tell them, maybe they could help? 
"Well.. Um. Harry scared me a lot. He truly frightened me." I say looking up to them through my eyelashes. I took there confused looks as a gesture to continue. 
"Harry's out of control. If I didn't stop him Harry could have killed that boy!" I say. 
"Beth, I believe Harry needs you more than the two of you realise. He needs you more than anything, but if you don't feel safe don't push yourself, your safety more important." Lylac says and Gyp nods in agreement. Maybe they are right, maybe Harry does need me, and maybe I need him.
I lay in bed as Gyp and Lylac are in the lounge, I wasn't in the mood for movies right now too much was on my mind. I close my eyes in hope to get some sleep but Harry is constantly on my mind I just can't shake him. 
I swing my legs out of bed and walk over to my cupboard pulling out a pair of sweat pants and a hoodie. I put them on and walk to the front door picking up my keys from the table by the door and heading towards the car, ignoring the calls from Gyp and Lylac. I start the ignition and pull out of the driveway. 
It doesn't take long before I stop the car and get out and walk up the porch and knock three times on the door. 
"Hell-" Niall answers the door and his facial expression drops obviously surprised to see me. "Beth.. Harry's upstairs, third door to the right." He gives me directions and I follow them stopping at the third door on the right, like Niall said. 
I open the door slowly exposing myself to an extremely messy room. Smashed and broken items across the room. There was a hole in the wall and a knocked over book self. Dirty plates, pizza boxes and other wrappers littered the floor. I step forward onto a pizza box a left over piece of pizza smeared under my foot I shook my foot and stepped back before I looked up. 
"H-Harry?" I stuttered looking over to the boy slumped over at the end of his bed. His feet hung over the edge and his elbows propped up on his knees and his head in hands. He looked up from his hands. 
"Beth?" He asked. I though his room was a mess, Harry looked so broken, so helpless. His curls stuck out in every direction possible his eyes red and puffy, dark rings under his eyes and his nose and cheeks red also. 
"Oh Harry!" I made my way over to him wrapping him in my arms. 
"I'm sorry Beth!" He sobbed onto my shoulder. 
"I should be the sorry one. I left you like this!" I say rubbing his back. We sit like this for a while, I comforted him the best I could. Nothing was said he was just embracing my presence I looked around his room then back down to the broken boy on my shoulder. 
"Harry go for a shower." I say as he sits up. 
"You don't like my smell?" He smirks. I love his smirk, I have missed it. 
He pushes himself off the bed and picks up a towel off his dresser and flicks it over his shoulder as he walks into the bathroom. 
I look around the room. I stand up and start stacking the dishes in my arms and carry them downstairs to the kitchen, I place them on the sink the make my way back up to Harry's room. I put all his clothes in the laundry and put all the rubbish in the garbage and I clean up the broken items. I straighten up he's surprisingly clean bed and I put the books back on the self. As I'm putting the last book away Harry walks in. 
"Beth." He growls. "You didn't have to do this." His expression changes from angry to upset. 
"Yes I did." I laugh. He wraps his long arms around me and I wrap mine around his waist. 
"Thank-you for coming back." He kissed my head before resting his chin on the top of my head. 
I didn't reply, I didn't have to. 
We were silent for a while just embracing each other. 
"You should get some rest Harry." I say looking up to him still holding him tight. 
"Mmm." His body vibrated as he hummed. I stepped back allowing him to get into bed and I made my way to the door. 
"Sleep well Harry." I whisper. As I was about to turn out the light he cries out. 
"No, don't go!" He pouts. 
"Lylac and Gyp will be wondering where I am." I protest. 
"I'm sure Niall would have messaged Gyp, they are talking all the time anyway." He argues. "Please?" He flicks the blankets back and gestures me to get in.
I give in and kick off my shoes and climb in. Harry tucks the blanket up to my chin and pulls me in close to his body and I wrap my arms around his torso. 
I lay my head on his chest and my head falls and rises as he breathes. 
"Who's jumper are you wearing?" He asks clear annoyance in his voice. 
"Oh. It's my brothers, I took it before we came here." I say. 
"Oh okay." He replies a little embarrassed. 
We talk for a while before Harry notices I am struggling to stay awake. 
"Goodnight princess!" He says kissing my forehead. 
"Goodnight Haz." I mumble. 
He plays with my hair as I fall asleep. This moment is perfect. He is perfect

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