Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


4. Dresses

My eyes flutter open as I sit up in bed. I catch myself smiling at the thought of tonight. I really couldn't wait. 
I climb out of bed. Swinging my legs over the bed, the floor boards creek as I stand up and stretch out my arms. 
I walk down to the kitchen to find Gyp and Lylac awake sitting around the table. 
They had made pancakes and I immediately start filling my empty stomach will the still warm goodness. 
"Three hundred sugars, as you like it." Gyp says laughing as she passes me a cup of tea. I laugh with her as I wrap my cold fingers around the hot cup. The warm liquid flowing down my throat and warming my insides. 
"I have nothing to wear tonight!" Lylac says in panic. Neither do I. What are we going to wear!? 
"Calm down we can go shopping. We have.." She stops to check the time on her phone. "We have ages. It's only 11.30." She says calmly sipping her tea. 
"Well after this we should head out." I say looking between the girls as they nod in agreement. "Great." I smile. 
We enter a massive mall and begin our search for three outfits. After about an hour I smile as I pull out this dark blue dress. It was perfect. (http://weheartit.com/entry/82056740/via/petra_stiperski) 
"Omg. That's gorgeous Beth! Get it." Gyp screeched as she held the bottom of the dress, pulling it out to get a better look.
"Yeah I agree with Gyp. Go try it on." Lylac said nudging me toward the change rooms. I put the dress on and walked out to show the girls. 
They both gasped. 
"You look amazing! Oh my gosh!" Gyp breathed. 
"Wow!" Is all Lylac got out. Happy with the answer I got out of them I changed back from the dress and went to the register to purchase the dress. 
"Hey how are you?" The lady asked serving me. She was young, long blonde hair and big blue eyes. 
"Good thankyou." I smiled as she placed the dress into a bag and passed it to me, but she wouldn't let go she held tight of the bag and stared at me keeping my gaze. 
"Ummm." I muttered confused. 
"You're that slut that got a picture with Harry!" She spat venomously.
"Excuse me!" Lylac and Gyp stepped forward speaking at the same time. If this wasn't a serious matter they would have laughed at them selves. 
"Ugh." She turned around letting go of the bag. We began to walk out of the shop as Gyp stopped and span around before shouting. 
"Us 'sluts' have been asked to go out with One Direction tonight for your fucking information!" She yelled angrily. Oh god, that's Gyp for you.
It took us all 1 and a half hours to get ready. I was in my blue dress, hair curled and make-up done nicely. 
Gyp was in a long sleeve black lacy dress. ( http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lyfhb4fOgN1r9vrqco1_500.jpg) her hair also curled and pushed over her right shoulder. 
Then there was Lylac she was in a short black and pink dress (http://31.media.tumblr.com/ad761a360363341a0f892c1fec4008e7/tumblr_mv1x1mwEGa1rqzwjwo1_500.jpg) her hair straightened. 
"Aw we all look so good!" Lylac said in awe as we had a small group hug. 
After we were all ready we waited to be picked up. I was ecstatic and I could tell the girls were the same.  

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