Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


1. Celebrities?

I jumped as my phone began blaring out the lyrics of 'Drunk- Ed Sheeran'. I picked it up and answered taking no attention to the caller ID. 
"8 hours! 8 hours and we will be on a plane to London!" 
"I know! Hey to you too Gyp!" I giggled.
"Beth! Come eat something. You haven't eaten all day!" Mum yelled. 
"Sorry Gyp. I have to go mum is calling me. I'll be at yours in say an hour? Be packed and ready, and give Lylac a call and tell her we will pick her up. Bye!" 
I hung up and raced down stairs to stuff my face with food, I was so hungry!
"Little hungry are we darl?" Dad asked entering the room. 
"Mmm haven't eaten all day, been to busy packing!" I said before shoving more food into my mouth. 

We got to the airport on time, surprisingly as Lylac took so long trying to find something to wear! But we are on the plane so who am I to complain. 
"I can't believe we are going to London! Oh my gosh!" Lylac expressed. 
"I know!" Gyp giggled bouncing in her seat with excitement. I laughed at her childishness and pulled the white tangled mess more commonly known as headphones out of my bag.
The flight didn't take as long as I expected but I did sleep most of the way. Gyp was asleep next to me. Her mouth wide open. I picked up her headphone that must have fallen out or her ear and put it into her nose and took a photo. Before shaking her away causing her to jump and smack heads with Lylac. 
"We're here girls." i said giggling at the scene in front of me. 
We gathered our things putting them into our bags and getting off the plane. 
"Beth." Gyp tugged my arm pulling my attention to the screaming girls. 
"Are they screaming at us?" Lylac asked. 
"Must be." A deep husky voice replied. I spun around to see a familiar boy with a mop of curly hair and four other boys close behind, all smirking and all very familiar. 
"Who might you be?" I asked trying to not seem intimidated. 
"I'm Harry Styles love." He replied with a cheeky dimpled grin. "The lads and I were wondering if we could get some photos and autographs?" He asked. 
"Er.. We're no celebrities.." Lylac said simply. 
"Sure you are! You're Beth McKay, Gypsy Fox and Lylac Bacani." He said going through each of us. My jaw dropped. How did he know that? We got a few photos we signed each of their tops. 
We got to the apartment we would be staying in and I instantly opened my laptop and searched his name. Harry Styles. Harry Fucking Styles. There was no need to search it, the name clicked in my head like a light globe turning on. Agh I'm such an idiot! One Direction. I'm possibly the silliest person. Gyp and I were obsessed with them in high school. Oh my gosh. 
I logged onto my twitter and noticed my mentions had gone metal and I had gained many new followers. 
Over.. Harry? What? I searched his name and noticed that the photo of Gyp, Lylac, Harry and I was now his Twitter picture. 
All because of a photo I was now getting hate? Wow. Directioners are metal, calling me a slut, ugly fat and so much more. Way to boost my self esteem. Thanks ladies! Was I like this when I was obsessed with them? 

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