Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


8. Angry

I gasp as I watch Harry walk over to the other guy lifting him up by his collar, once again Harry's fist clenched as he raised it. My eyes darted looking for Niall and Zayn who were still trying to push through the crowd of people. My heart pounded, Harry could possibly kill this guy if I don't do anything. 
"Harry! No." I screamed stepping forward, tears stung in my eyes. He looked up at me, a few things were called out by people but I ignored it. "Please don't." I practically whispered. Harry's gaze dropped to the guy as he pulled the brown haired boys face close to his own and whispered something. 
The other guy turned his head to me, he was so scared, frightened. He looked back at Harry and nodded. Niall and Zayn pushed through at last ripping Harry off the frightened boy Harry just mumbled and came towards me pushing past not even looking at me. 
Everyone began to go back to what they were doing previously.
I walked back out to where the girls were, they both stood up as the noticed me walk through the door. 
The pair ran up wrapping me in a hug as I started to cry into one of their shoulders. 
"What happened Beth?" Lylac asked rubbing my back. 
"Harry hates me!" I sniffled. 
"I don't think he hates you love." Gyp replies pushing me back by my shoulders so she can look at me properly. "How about we head home?" She suggests and I nod in agreement. 
We get home and I stretch out across the couch. Face down into a pillow. 
"MOVIE TIME!" Gyp yells as she sits on me giggling. 
"Gyp! eh." I whine as she gets up to put a movie on. Once she picks one she sits back down as we wait for Lylac. 
"It's Niall." She says walking away to answer her phone. 
I lay on the couch trying to listen to them the best I can. 
"Hey Niall." Gyp answers. 
"Sorry, ah Beth was a bit upset so we just went home. Sorry should have said goodbye." She paused listening to Niall who I couldn't hear. "No why would he be here?" She asked confused. "Niall I don't think she will want to talk to him."  They are talking about Harry, it has to be Harry. "He's coming here?" No, no. Please no. I got up running past Gyp and to my room not looking at her. "Beth!" Gyp called following me. I closed my door locking it. I don't want to see or talk to him right now. Seeing Harry like that tonight really scared me. "Beth." Gyp called, this time more calmly. I sat on the floor with my back to the door. 
"I don't want to see him." I sniffle, I don't want to cry again. Why does he make me so upset!?
"I know you don't hun. But they can't find him. Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam are all out looking, the party has finished and they think he might show up here." She explained. 
"No, I don't want to see him." I repeat. Gyp didn't reply. It just went quiet. I sat and listened before I heard his voice. 
"Gyp! I need to talk to Beth. Please." Harry said slowly. 
"Harry she said doesn't want to see you, she locked herself in her room." Gyp said. 
"Can I try to talk to her?" It fell silent again. Only footsteps but I couldn't make out who's or where they were going. 

"Beth.." His voice startled me. I didn't reply. I just stayed seated on the floor. 
"Beth. Look I'm sorry. I was angry. I was angry at myself that I had left you alone for that to happen. Then I left you again. I'm sorry Beth, I- I really am." He sniffled. I still didn't reply I just stayed quiet. The house was quiet for another 5 minutes, apart from Gyp who I'm guessing was on the phone with Niall and my curtain that was being blown around by the wind. Harry's tall figure walked down the steps off the porch. My breath hitched as he turned and walked towards my window. 
I managed to get up quickly and I ran towards the window to close it but Harry managed to catch it before it closed completely. He got both his hands under the window frame pushing it up as I tried to push it down but Harry was much stronger than me, he opened the window and climbed in. 
"Beth." The strong smell of alcohol stained his breath. 
"Harry please leave." I say walking towards the door to open it for him. 
"Could you listen to what I have to fucking say first!?" I stopped frozen I was so scared. Harry was actually frightening me a lot. "I'm sorry." Harry whispered looking towards the ground. I looked back at him. Noticing his soft features, his eyes red and puffy, and the tip of his nose red. He obviously had been crying. He looked almost like a young boy getting into trouble. "I'm sorry for everything. I understand if you hate me. I totally get it. I left you on your own multiple times when I shouldn't have and I'm sorry Beth I really am." He said watching me. "Why won't you say anything please talk to me." A tear trailed down his cheek as he sat down on the floor leaning on my bed and running his fingers through his hair. 
"Harry.. I'm sorry." I say sitting down and bringing my knees to my chest. 
"Why are you sorry?!" Harry nearly yelled. 
"You were mad at m-" 
"I was never mad at you Beth! I was angry at myself. Angry at that dumb fuck. I shouldn't have left you, you were so scared. Yet I managed to leave you straight after." He cut me off. 
"I just met you but I don't want you hurt, I don't want anyone's filthy hands on you, you're mine." He said his eyes dark again as he reached over placing his hand on my knee. I flinched away. He's eyes almost softened when I did so, he looked so sad. "Beth.." He began. "You know I'd never hurt you right?" He questioned. Staring at me worriedly. A tear escaped my eye and ran down my cheek. I went to wipe it away, but Harry stopped me, I squeezed my eyes shut as he raised his hand to my face. Wiping the tear with his thumb. I opened my eyes looking back at him, tears threatened to spill he's red and puffy eyes, he sniffled. "I should go." He said wiping his eyes. As he got up he paused. "I'm not worth your tears remember that Beth." He said as a tear dropped to the floor. I sat in silence as I watched the sadly slumped over figure left my room. 
I climbed into bed, pulling the blankets over my fragile body as I cried. Soon drifting off to sleep.

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