Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


6. Accents

We all fell silent after Harry snapped at Niall. Apart from the people in the rest of the restaurant as a background noise. A waiter came and we placed our orders and she soon left after making sure she couldn't attend to us in any way. The table was silent again after she left. 
Lylac jerked up in her seat clearly edgy about something. Gyp cleared her throat before she excused herself saying, I quote "I need to pee." Lylac and myself excused ourselves also. 
As we entered the toilets I looked to Lylac noticing she was a bit tense. 
"What's up girl?" I asked. 
"Oh er.." I nodded encouraging her to continue. "Zayn. Well he didn't do anything wrong he just placed his hand on my knee and I guess it just stunned me." She explained. 
"Aw babe!" Gyp said embracing her in a hug. "He's interested maybe you should give him a shot?" 
"I guess you're right." She smiled.

[Harry's POV]
"Guys you can't mention that sort of shit in front of the girls okay?!" I snapped. 
"Yeah sorry Haz." Niall said. I looked across to Zayn, he has hardly said a word what was up with him he seemed fine before. 
"Zayn what's wrong?" Niall asked before I got the chance to myself. 
"Huh?" He replied looking up. "Oh I'm fine boys." He replied with a weak smile. 
"You are a horrible liar!" I chuckled a little. 
"Mm. Well I like Lylac a lot but she's not interested." He said. 
"How do you know for sure?" I asked trying to make him feel better. 
"Before I placed my hand on her knee and she freaked, she was all edgy about it and then she left with the girls to go to the rest room." He explained. 
"Oh. Well you may of just shocked her?" I questioned.
"Maybe." He agreed. 
"Well I-" Niall stared but stopped talking as the girls sat down. 
"Back!" Gyp said cheerfully with a big dimpled smile. Niall stared at her in awe. He was just so fascinated by her. 
I smiled as I felt Beth's fingers lace with my own. I looked over to her to and stared into her bright blue eyes. We broke eye contact when Niall sneezed. 
"Bless you." Gyp smiled. I looked over to Zayn and Lylac who seemed to be getting along just fine now as they were having their own conversation. 
"So where are you girls from?" Niall asked his eyes still watching Gyp. 
"Australia!" Gyp said proudly. 
"Wow. Really." I said. 
"Chuck a few shrimps on the barbie would ya?" Zayn laughed, pulling off his best Australian accent. 
"Will do give me a sec mate!" I joined in. 
"That's terrible. We don't sound like that!" Beth said poking me in the stomach. 
"Well ya do mate." I continued in the accent playfully poking her back. 
"No we don't you are the ones with the accents." I said in my best British accent. Niall laughed. 
"What are you laughing about?" Gyp teased talking in an Irish accent. She did it pretty well and Niall's face dropped and his cheeks went a little pink as everyone laughed loudly. He crossed his arms and turned his back to her. "Aw I'm sorry Nialler." She leaned her head on his shoulder and pouted. He smiled at her. 
"I have a serious question though." Niall asked. 
"Mmm?" Gyp hummed telling him to go on her head still resting on him.
"Do you ride kangaroos instead of using cars?" Niall chuckled. We laughed with him. 
"Niall that was horrible. Wasn't even funny." Gyp said unamused and sitting up from her previous position. 
"I was joking, I have been to Australia before." He said pressing her cheek with his index finger in hope to make her smile. Which worked no matter how hard she tried to hide it. 
"I know you have Beth and I went to a concert of yours a while back." She said smiling. 
"Really?" The boys all said at the same time. 
"Yeah they wanted to meet you for years." Lylac emitted.
"Wow." I laughed.

The lady came with the food. We talked about quite a bit while we ate. We got to know everyone a lot better. 
The night ended all to soon as we pulled up in their drive way. 
"Well we had a good time. Thankyou." Beth said Lylac and Gyp agreed.
"We will see you girls soon." I said. I kissed Beth on the cheek before they entered their apartment. 
That went well I smiled to myself. 

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